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Jimmy Kimmel Slammed For Diabetes Punchline: ‘it Is An Illness Not A Joke’

On Wednesday Jimmy Kimmel publicly thanked fellow television star Kelly Ripa for some cookies sent by the daytime host — but in the process included a bizarre remark about diabetes. “Thank you for the cookies @KellyRipa,” he said, adding, “You are sweeter than diabetes #KimmelinBrooklyn” Thank you for the cookies @KellyRipa – you are sweeter than diabetes #KimmelinBrooklyn pic.twitter.com/fywxdqvMI3 - Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) October 17, 2017 I guess the joke was that the sweetness of her gift and the cookies would be worth the diabetes caused by the sugar intake, or something like that — needless it to say, it wasn’t his A material. The remark drew instant backlash on Twitter — especially given Kimmel’s recent evolution into America’s foremost late-night healthcare advocate. The dumbass jokes about diabetes are almost worse than having the disease. Please find another punchline. Or shut the fuck up. - Caira Conner (@CairaConner) October 19, 2017 Yikes. Diabetes has GOT to stop being a punchline for jokes. Enough already. Disappointed, @jimmykimmel ???? - Beyond Type 1 (@BeyondType1) October 19, 2017 Diabetes isn’t a joke Jimmy - Kenny (@Ok_HippieChick) O Continue reading >>

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