Is Type 2 Diabetes Reversible

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Reversible, Partially Reversible, And Irreversible Neuropathy

Different Kinds of Neuropathy, Common Symptoms Neuropathy has become a very common ailment. There are different kinds of neuropathies, but all of them have common symptoms. The five common symptoms of neuropathy include: tingling sensation loss of sensitivity burning numbness pain The peripheral nerves of body are generally affected the most by the condition of neuropathy. Nerve damage interferes with the functionality of the affected body part and gives rise to complications. In many instances, neuropathy arises because of other diseases like diabetes, cardiac ailment, cancer, thyroid and more. Toxins, trauma, and immune system dysfunction can also cause direct damage to the nerves. Anyone who is afflicted with neuropathy may want to know if his or her neuropathy is reversible or not. It is important to note that permanent damage to the nerves is not reversible in most cases. However, most patients can get relief from symptoms by treating the condition under the guidance of a medical practitioner. Some patients who follow the treatment plan religiously are even able to reverse or partially reverse the damages. Let us discuss the reversible, intermediate, or irreversible neuropathy Continue reading >>

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  1. linder40

    Yes! I was just diagnosed at 29 weeks last Friday. I'm having the same question. Right there with ya.

  2. Melissa_82

    yes I am having the same problem with the headaches since going on the diet.

  3. jessicalorin

    Diagnosed at 14 weeks and yes, definitely there's an acclimation period. For me it was about two weeks. Headaches, shakiness, dizziness, fatigue, all out bitchiness, a few meltdowns. Fun times!

    But it didn't last forever and now all of these symptoms are a lot less severe and frequent!

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