Is Diabetes A Disability For Tax Purposes

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Disability Amount: You Might Be Missing Out

Some experts estimate that millions of dollars in disability tax credits go unclaimed every year. This is probably because people don’t consider their physical or mental impairment—e.g., hearing loss, use of a walker, or type 1 diabetes—to be a disability. However, for tax purposes it might be, and overlooking this credit can be a costly mistake. For example, an adult in BC that claims the disability amount (often referred to as the disability tax credit, or “DTC”) will reduce his or her tax payable by about $1,500 each year. And, if you missed out on the DTC in prior years because you didn’t realize that you were eligible, don’t worry, you can claim up to 10 missed years. are blind; receive life-sustaining therapy (e.g., for certain types of diabetes); or are “markedly restricted”1 in your speaking, hearing, walking, elimination, feeding, dressing, or in performing the mental functions necessary for everyday life. Children are also eligible for an even greater DTC2 if the meet they criteria above. Depending on the severity, certain relatively common conditions may qualify for the DTC; these include: ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, anxiety disorders, autism, bi- Continue reading >>

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  1. RDSP Specialist

    Type 1 Diabetics can qualify for the Disability Tax Credit in Canada

    Disability Tax Credit has a page that has a provision for Type 1 diabetics to apply and subsequently qualify for the tax credit if they spend more than 14 hours/week on average dealing with their diabetes. This tax credit for adults currently is worth over $2,500 and for children it is worth $4,500!
    Google T2201 and go to the page for life-sustaining therapy.
    If you have had diabetes for the past 10 years, it is worth up to $21,000+ in tax refunds. For kids with it for the past ten years, that is almost $35,000 for mom and dad's tax refunds.

  2. gap2368

    hi and welcome to DD

  3. Melosz

    That's pretty awesome, thanks for posting this.
    Anyone know of anything like this in the US tax code that I may have missed out on in my 5 years being T1? If not, I may be calling my State legislators and citing this.

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