Is Cabbage Good For Diabetics

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Can Sugar Patients Eat Cabbage?

Yes! Anyone can eat any fruit and veg! Medical industry (not same as medical science) has been feeding us with wrong information through ads, and we all started believing that fruits and veggies could be bad for few….that’s not true. I have seen many sugar/diabetes patients being cured permanently with just plant based diet so go and have it as mush as you can! :) Continue reading >>

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  1. User87227

    Cabbage and lower blood glucose

    I wondered why my cabbage casserole didn't raise my blood glucose. It contains rice and tomato juice and a lot of cabbage so I looked up the benefits of cabbage. It appears to me that the cabbage is slowing down the absorbtion of carbs from the rice and tomato juice and there is lots of good things in cabbage. Some say it helps to prevent cancer and other diseases as well as lower your blood glucose. Besides this casserole is one of my favorites. Delicious and doesn't raise my BG.
    Anyone else found that a dish with cabbage doesn't raise your BG.

  2. Triv

    I don't know about other dishes with cabbage but I have noticed that whoever we have ham and cabbage for supper I experience a low, usually in the 40 to 60 range. I thought it was strange that this happens every single time, tho I do like having something sweet to bring me back up, such as three 5 carb cookies. Lol. Maybe I'll try another cabbage containing recipe and see what happens. Heck, if cabbage helps maybe I should eat it every day, lol. Tho I'd be afraid to increase my carbs much.

  3. jim55

    Cabbage is from the cruciferous family. There are many and all of which help with blood sugar. I love cabbage in soups, fried, salads, casseroles, and growing up my mother made cabbage rolls a lot.

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