Insulin Prior To Pet Scan

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Preparing To Say Goodbye

Preparing to say goodbye There is never an easy time for euthanasia. No matter how much time we are granted, there is never enough time to spend with a loved one. There is a fine line between rationally seeing that no more can be done, and emotionally accepting it as fact. Along with all the emotions that accompany this twilight comes the doubt that possibly more could have been done. These are all perfectly human emotions. As difficult as it may seem, making these arrangements with some clarity before the final decision is made, can actually decrease the anxiety and stress of actually seeing it through. Some things to consider: Create special memories. We hold many dear memories of our beloved pet throughout his/her lifetime but there are some things that might help preserve those memories over time. Making a family video, taking special pictures, going on a car ride to a special place or out for some ice cream, casting a paw print in clay, clipping some fur...these are some ways of preserving special times. They give us something palpable to cherish forever, and help bridge the gap between the physical loss and the emotional connection that never ends. Where will this take place? Continue reading >>

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  1. Lizzie7

    Home meter testing & Channa Dal

    Hi there,
    This may be a daft question but bear with me - first post! I was diagnosed two weeks ago and on diet only. Was given advice from the hospital to up my intake of carbohydrate. I'm pretty much vegan (amusingly for health reasons!) and eat a lot of grains, root vegetables etc anyway. After a search on the internet for ways to change my diet, I came across David Mendosa's website and read about channa dal. I've had it for dinner three nights in a row now, basically a dal curry with tomatoes and different greens and, tonight, I added a small serving of quinoa.
    I've tested before the channa dal meals, at one hour after eating and then two hours after eating. My blood glucose appears to have barely moved. Last night it was 5.1 before eating, 5.9 one hour after and 5.6 two hours after.
    My question is this - does channa dal have some kind of delayed effect i.e. does it takes hours to digest and could it be causing spikes hours later? I test before going to bed and for the last 10 days the reading has been between 4.9 - 6.5. First morning reading is between 4.9 - 6.9. Could the channa dal be playing havoc during the wee small hours?
    Thanks in advance for any replies!

  2. phoenix

    My answer is tha Channa Dahl or Bengal gram dhal Its an excellent example of a low GI carbohydrate. It is a legume and most legumes are low GI but this one is extremely low. A test portion of 150g had 36g of carbs yet a GI of just 11.
    This means that the carbs are digested extremely slowly, giving your system (assuming it has some insulin of its own) time to digest and absorb it. I haven't read the Mendoza article but you might like to look at some of the information (particularly the graph of the impact of low GI compared to high GI on the GI website
    By all means test later ( we are all a bit different) but it is not like a pizza where the absorbtion of the fast carb is delayed by the fat. and often causes a rise later on.
    Edit to say, 'Hello and welcome!'

  3. Lizzie7

    Thanks Phoenix - that's really helpful. It's great having a forum to ask these questions - seems like every day is an experiment with what to eat at the moment.

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