Hypothesis Of Diabetes Mellitus

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Do Leaner People With A High Sugar Intake Get Diabetes Type 2? Why?

Your question suggests that all lean people develop diabetes by eating sugar. This isn't so. The usual way to (pre)diabetes, high blood pressure, high lipids (≈metabolic syndrome) is to develop a lot of Visceral Fat (Active Fat), that is fat not located where it is supposed to be stored, which is under your skin (subcutaneous fat), but in your abdomen. This visceral fat is hormonally active. Sugar in non starved societies is what causes obesity, because eating sugars (and refined carbs) will cause a glucose peak in one's blood, which will induce an insulin spike. This will cause all blood sugar not immediately used up for our metabolism to be converted into fat. First stored in the subcutaneous fat stores, when these are full the flow over into the visceral fat. Listen to this podcast by Dr. Aseem Malhotra Page on soundcloud.com "You can't outrun your bad diet". 20 Million years ago when the weather changed and seasonal variation occured, instead of having food all year round there were periods of abundance, and of scarcity. To help us survive the meager periods a mutation took place which converted surplus glucose into fat, so to have a caloric reserve for the times when food wa Continue reading >>

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  1. treehorn+bunny

    You don't need to be in DKA to get ketosis. It's probably because he hasn't been eating enough/is sick. It is not uncommon for people who have stomach viruses to burn ketones.
    In nondiabetic persons, ketonuria may occur during acute illness or severe stress.

  2. PorcineWithMe

    GERD/reflux/"heartburn" can cause that smell and so can taking Prilosec (or other PPIs). My husband had THE WORST breath from taking Prilosec. Ugh.

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