Hypoglycemia Precursor To Type 1 Diabetes

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Hypoglycemia In Adults

Hypoglycemia in Adults Authors: Cara O'Shaughnessey, DO, Diabetes Fellow, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, O'Bleness Health System, Athens, OH Jay H. Shubrook, Jr., DO, FACOFP, FAAFP, Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Director of Diabetes Fellowship, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Athens, OH Peer Reviewer: Ademola Adewale, MD, FAAEM, Director of Research and Medical Simulation, Assistant Program Director, Florida Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency, Orlando, FL This article is adapted from an article that originally appeared in the May 2012 issue of Primary Care Reports. Almost every emergency physician I know has missed a case of hypoglycemia in their career. I have. I have also been practicing long enough to have used "Dextrostix." Remember using them? Remember some of the values you obtained? Sometimes the results made no sense. But while they were imperfect, at least they enabled us to sometimes detect severe hypoglycemia at the patient's bedside in the emergency department (ED) without waiting for the central laboratory. Now, we have point-of-care (POC) glucose testing, so we have increased ability to detect hypogl Continue reading >>

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  1. i_tell_you_what

    So I went into the county clinic to complain of a chest pain. And the doc figured out I probably have heartburn. I explained I eat chilies everyday and no problem. He looked at me blankly. Yeah, my bad. I can't help it! Anyways, I also take heart medication and an aspirin regimen since I had a heart attack a few years back. I'm sure my stomach is just sick of all the meds I take daily. I started taking 150mg twice a day. It's working. But I also read up on its interaction with Metformin. In the end it can cause the Metformin to work very well. Something about it not being excreted as fast. Anyways, I noticed today I took the second dose, didn't yet take my Metformin and was going to while eating my dinner. While eating my dinner I began to get the shakes. It was pretty frustrating because I was already eating. So I skipped the night dose. Does anyone else have issues with Zantac and their Diabetic meds?

  2. alan_s

    When you got the shakes did you test?
    There is no information in the literature about the two meds interacting. Nothing comes up on the Medscape Interaction Checker. Would you mind providing the link to the article you read please?
    Have you ever been tested for either of these:
    Helicobacter Pylori
    I have had both. The HB was cured by the standard treatment, but the GERD seems incurable (we spell it GORD here because we use the œ dipthong) and sometimes gives me crippling heartburn.

  3. i_tell_you_what

    I googled Zantac Metformin interaction and came up with quite a lot. I also take a heart med, which is why I can't take Prolasec. http://www.drugs.com/drug-interactions/metformin-with-zantac-1573-0-1991-1283.html . Maybe it was just me. I just started it and I'm not eating quite as much because of the acid issue. Maybe I just had a bad reaction.

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