Humulin R Duration

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Is Humulin And Novolin The Same ?

...found I need to be a little more careful with my dinner time bolus because the duration does seem to last longer up to maybe 10 hours instead of 6 hours ... I agree that the onset and duration curves between Humulin R and Novolin R are noticeably different. I have just been switched and having many problems adjusting to, what I find, is a much slower onset, and a much longer duration with Novolin R. I miss the ease and reliability of Humulin R!!! Not sure WHY... but I did notice I felt better when on Humalin than when on Nova insulins of the same type. I so agree! I feel Humulin (R) is "the good stuff", and Novolin (R) is the "can work in a pinch stuff". I'm really disappointed with the differences I've been seeing over the past month with Novolin. But maybe that view is due to use of Humulin over the past 20 years, and this "new stuff" seems like a step down in reliability. Just a different curve, I suppose, but it sure is a pain to adjust! Humulin R: Onset 30-60 min. Peaks 2-3 hrs. Duration 4-6 hrs. Novolin R: Onset 30 min. Peaks 2.5-5 hrs. Duration 8 hrs. From my experience I'd lean towards the high side of both those numbers, and actually maybe even a bit higher still for t Continue reading >>

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  1. John Brooks

    Good morning fellow sufferers,
    Both my wife and I have suffered for several years from Type 2 Diabetes and I have recently been reading up on the possible benefits of using Epsom Salts both externally and internally.
    Unfortunately there appears to be conflicting information on the benefits (or lack thereof) in the use of Epsom Salts so I am wondering if our members will share their opinions about whether it is good or bad, together with any reputable online links regarding the safety of using it, both externally and internally.
    I have read that it can be extremely beneficial if we have a nice long soak in the bath or if we soak our feet in it. Unfortunately we no longer have a bath installed and only have a shower.
    Also if we drink Epsom Salts it can help with the lowering of blood sugar levels and hypertension.
    On the other hand I have read that using these salts may have detrimental affects for Diabetes Type 2 sufferers.
    Any advice or opinions from those who have used, or who are using Epsom Salts would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you all in advance.

  2. Contralto

    Well, magnesium salts, when drunk, cause diarrhea

  3. John Brooks

    Although I have read up about the possible side effects of taking Epsom Salts internally and 'the runs' being possibly one of them I do thank you for your reply, it was very appreciated.
    I have purchased these salts from a company called 'Westlab' and it is marked as 'medical grade' From the information I have gathered apparently not all manufactured salts are recommended for use internally and I am wondering if the salts I have bought is Ok to drink. I am awaiting a reply from them before I do drink it we are only using it to soak our feet at the moment.
    What I really need is information from fellow diabetes sufferers who have, or are, using Epsom Salts internally because as I have mentioned the information regarding drinking of Epsom Salts and diabetics is somewhat conflicting.
    Kind regards

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