How To Reverse Diabetes Permanently

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Type 2 Diabetes Is A Fully Curable Disease

Type 2 diabetes is a fully curable disease. And still conventional medicine treat it as the opposite – as a chronic and progressive disease. We try to mask the symptoms and slow down the complications, instead of curing it! It’s quite easy to prove that type 2 diabetes is a curable disease. Have a look at this chart of the number of required drugs for treating the disease, over 12 months on three different treatments in a 2012 study: The top graph is conventional treatment. Everyone starts out on three different medications and they keep having to take the drugs. This is what we normally do. It simply does not work as a cure and may even make the diabetes worse. The bottom two graphs are common variants of obesity surgery, where a large (healthy) part of the stomach is removed. Many patients suddenly don’t need drugs anymore, their diabetes completely goes away! The point is not to recommend surgery that removes healthy organs – I don’t recommend that. The point it that type 2 diabetes is a fully curable disease. Luckily it’s not even necessary to remove healthy organs to do so, it’s also possible by just changing your lifestyle. Here’s a longer post on the subject Continue reading >>

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  1. Sarojkumar

    Can diabetes Cure permanently????
    I checked my Glucose level is 7 HBA1c,
    What should I do??
    Sk ranjana

  2. GrantGam

    Sarojkumar said: ↑
    Can diabetes Cure permanently????
    I checked my Glucose level is 7 HBA1c,
    What should I do??
    Sk ranjana Type 1 diabetes is, currently, incurable. Type 2 diabetes, in a lot of cases, can be reversed. Is reversal a cure? That is the debate. Does a cure need to be a magic tablet, or can it be an implemented change that's kept up 24/7?
    Unfortunately, not all type 2 diabetics can reverse their condition. Like type 1 diabetics, some have very little or no control over their outcome.
    Persistent diet, exercise and lifestyle changes can lower A1c's to a level deemed "non-diabetic". It must be noted that the lifestyle changes need to be maintained, otherwise the diabetes simply returns.
    So in short, type 2 diabetes can sometimes be reversed. But in my opinion, it can only be cured providing that the "cure" is a change that you implement and keep up for the rest of your life. Whether that is cure, or just permanent reversal is six and half a dozen... In my opinion though, a cure would mean that you could live your life normally without making adjustments to your lifestyle. Eat what and when you want and have a non-diabetic HbA1c, all without diet, exercise and carbohydrate intake limitations.
    You should go and see your Dr for more conclusive tests as to whether you need medication or not in this instance. I wish you well.

  3. DavidGrahamJones

    Sarojkumar said: ↑
    Can diabetes Cure permanently???? If you can eat about 250 gms of carbohydrate per day (that's approximately equal to 750 calories worth or 1/3 of your daily diet, depending on what source of information you use), without your BG going through the roof then I would suggest you were no longer diabetic. However, if you are cutting carbs to achieve sensible BG then it's not exactly cured. Only my opinion.

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