How To Get Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes Forever

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How Do I Get Rid Of Diabetes Type 2?

Professor Roy Tayler from Newcastle upon Tyne in his two papers Reversal of type 2 diabetes: normalisation of beta cell function in association with decreased pancreas and liver triacylglycerol and the follow-up paper Very Low-Calorie Diet and 6 Months of Weight Stability in Type 2 Diabetes: Pathophysiological Changes in Responders and Nonresponders showed that in obese type 2 diabetics weighing around 100 kg, by following a 600 kCal diet for 12 weeks, losing 15 kg (≈15%) 40% normalised their fasting blood glucose levels without using any anti-diabetic meds at all. And then there are the papers on fasting mimicking diet = FMD by Professor Valter Longo of South California, who in mice showed that cyclically putting them on 4 days of a very low protein very low caloric diet each 10 days induced an embryonal gene Ngn3 that among others caused beta cells of the islets in the pancreas to regenerate, as he sees it a potentially cure for both types of diabetes. Personally, just being overweight 78 kg 175 cm after having been a prediabetic for many years I two years ago developed a clinical type 2 diabetes mellitus. After reading up on it I decided to exercise more (50 instead of 30 minu Continue reading >>

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  1. VeronnyBunny

    Can you get rid of type 2 diabetes?

    Hello, I had a question please.:) my nutritionist told me that you can get rid of type 2 diabetes with hard work, eating right and excercise because she has seen people do it. On the other hand, I have heard people say that you cant get rid of it and there is no cure, just that you can control it. Does anyone know for sure? Thank you!!!:)

  2. Anonymous

    What happens exactly if you have diabetes ? What are the major bad things that come with having it

  3. Scared ****less

    Oh there's a bunch of us now my dr said he's heard from other drs its happening more i mean reversed diabetes who knows the disease might be geting weaker. Who knows what lies in the future But thing im doing I will always watch my diet and check my glucose

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