How To Diabetes Control

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Treatment for diabetes aims to keep your blood glucose levels as normal as possible and control your symptoms to prevent health problems developing later in life. If you've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, your GP will be able to explain your condition in detail and help you understand your treatment. They'll also closely monitor your condition to identify any health problems that may occur. If there are any problems, you may be referred to a hospital-based diabetes care team. Making lifestyle changes If you're diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you'll need to look after your health very carefully for the rest of your life. This may seem daunting, but your diabetes care team will be able to give you support and advice about all aspects of your treatment. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, or if you're at risk of developing the condition, the first step is to look at your diet and lifestyle and make any necessary changes. Three major areas that you'll need to look closely at are: You may be able to keep your blood glucose at a safe and healthy level without the need for other types of treatment. Lifestyle changes Diet Increasing the amount of fibre in your diet and reducin Continue reading >>

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  1. vensa

    Shrimps and Diabetes?

    I've been on a strict diabetic friendly diet for the past few months. I'd like to add a few more food items hereafter and check for personal tolerance levels with regards to BG. I love shrimps and other shellfishes like crabs, lobsters etc. But have been avoiding them for a while thinking it would be not healthy for BGL. Maybe I'm wrong! My internet search so far is not helping me to conclude… any inputs from the community on whether shellfish is healthy for PWD? especially shrimps and crabs? Thanks!

  2. valentine lady

    To all that answered vensa,
    your imformation is wonderful. The stats perfect. I knew as I'm
    on a low carb diet, however for those who don't know, your info
    is the best. Thank you all for sharing. Happy Holidays,
    Valentine lady

  3. MoeGig

    I say crabs, lobster, shrimp are healthy for diabetics. Have been Type 1 for 49 years now and live near the Chesapeake…we have crabs very often and my cholesterol is very low (156 last check). I just read an artcle (don't have the link) that concluded food has very little effect on your cholesterol levels…it's 99% genes. It's more important for diabetics to avoid carbs. To do that, I eat most protein and fat. Atkins or Med diet is best IMHO.

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