How To Activate Beta Cells Of Pancreas

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Beta Cell Dysfunction And Insulin Resistance

Go to: Abstract Beta cell dysfunction and insulin resistance are inherently complex with their interrelation for triggering the pathogenesis of diabetes also somewhat undefined. Both pathogenic states induce hyperglycemia and therefore increase insulin demand. Beta cell dysfunction results from inadequate glucose sensing to stimulate insulin secretion therefore elevated glucose concentrations prevail. Persistently elevated glucose concentrations above the physiological range result in the manifestation of hyperglycemia. With systemic insulin resistance, insulin signaling within glucose recipient tissues is defective therefore hyperglycemia perseveres. Beta cell dysfunction supersedes insulin resistance in inducing diabetes. Both pathological states influence each other and presumably synergistically exacerbate diabetes. Preserving beta cell function and insulin signaling in beta cells and insulin signaling in the glucose recipient tissues will maintain glucose homeostasis. Keywords: beta cell compensation, diabetes, obesity, oxidative stress, proliferation Go to: Introduction Both beta cell dysfunction and insulin resistance lead to persistent hyperglycemia which characterizes type Continue reading >>

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  1. mysterynana

    Fingers or Legs Cramping Hours after taking Insulin

    This is more of a question than discussion. Has anyone else got cramps after taking insulin, I take Lanus and Novolog. I asked my endro doctor and primary doctor and they both said they never heard of it. This is really bothering me, and I want to know is it rue or my imagination. Have a Blessed day.

  2. Mumbo7879

    I might start to ride the same rollercoaster of pain as ur self bro . Doesnt matter if too much high glucose sugar levels or too much low . As soon as we take insulin we scream out of pain . Huhhh big problem man . But i think the solution to that is first eating a lot like stomach full . And then injecting insulin in thighs . That way i never get cramps again . Common sense we get cramps when we inject insulin on empty or almost empty stomach thus insulin acts rapidly and sharply causing blood glucose to go down n that pressure of blood glucose going down disturbs our muscles . There for even if we take fast acting insulin or slow insulin through my experience . I say eat the hell out ur refregirator before taking insulin . Till u feel the food is gonna come out of u through ur mouth . Then inject insilin in thighs . That way the insulin even if fast acting acts slow through thighs . Never mix two insulin brands together at same time . Inject one . Then wait for an hour inject another one . Water . Yes . Drink a lot specially at night . And try to control ur self . At least if not much for two days . That way we can keep insulin far from us n give our body a break from insulin. The more the need for insulin the more muscle cramps . Please dont eat sweets u can lie to us all but stop lying to ur self . Vegies taste bad . Fruits get boring . It may be painful for ur mind to stop ur self from sweets n such non healthy meals n fastfoods . But . Is it a big price to pay to live longer ? Please keep that question in ur mind until ur last breath . Keep the need of insulin to minimum as possible . And i know those who have muscle cramps r the ones who lost lots of weight n r extremly thin . N then the muscle cramps just go to tell u n let u know that stop making it more thin than it already is . Gain wieght by eating natural things . Find something on internet that helps gain weight . Gain about 10 kg . Or 15kg after that just keep it that way so that ur muscles can tolerate n keep up with the speed and sharpness of insulin. No doctor told me this . But believe me . Iam never wrong .

  3. msann

    hey all i dont have cramps with my insulin lantus at night been taking for 17 years i take 22 units at night 8 in the morning you might have some other problems good luck

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