How Much Does Lantus Pens Cost?

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Getting Insulin Abroad (in The Netherlands)

2 weeks ago, I wrote about my experience getting insulin without health insurance in France in 2012. Little did I know while writing and sharing that story, that 2 weeks later, I would encounter a very similar situation in Amsterdam, where I’ve been living for the past 5 months. When I moved here, I brought all the insulin I had at the time, which, to my surprise, was enough Lantus to last 5 months. I still have around 10 Humalog pens, which may last me the rest of my time in Amsterdam–7 more months. But last week, I didn’t realize my Lantus supply was low until I was opening my last pen. That same week, I got a letter from the healthcare provider saying they couldn’t process everything because they needed me to snail-mail them a copy of my Dutch ID card. (Don’t worry–it does not take 5 months to process health insurance here–my host family just waited to add me to their plan until last week.) I realized there was no way this whole issue would be cleared up in the next 2 days, which is when my Lantus would run out, so I did exactly what I did in France… I went to a walk-in clinic without health insurance and braced myself to hand over all of my babysitting money for Continue reading >>

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  1. KarenB2

    Lantus Solostar prefilled pen cost jumped to over $600 for 3 months supply?

    Has anyone had trouble with their insurance covering the Lantus Solostar prefilled pen? My cost went up to $600 for a 3 month supply! I cannot afford this. :-(

  2. KA kaismama

    Are you saying your price with insurance went up like that? Did you call customer service at your insurance and talk to them about it? If you go to lantus.com, there is a place to click for the savings card.

  3. KA KarenB2

    I have seen that card, but can I still use it if I have insurance? I can't find much info about the card. Do you have that card?

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