How Many People In The Us Have Diabetes

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Diabetes Statistics

SHARE RATE★★★★★ Diabetes: a serious global health problem on the rise If you have diabetes or are at risk for developing the disease, you’re certainly not alone. It is estimated that almost 400 million people worldwide are affected by diabetes. Unfortunately, the numbers of people with diabetes are increasing in every country.1 One large study conducted in China in 2010, which included 100,000 people, found that 11.6% of participants had type 2 diabetes and about half had pre diabetes (defined as impaired glucose tolerance, impaired fasting glucose, or A1C between 5.7% and 6.4%).1 In the US alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that in 2010 diabetes affected 25.8 million people (that’s 8.3% of the population). Among these, 18.8 million were diagnosed and 7 million were undiagnosed. Diabetes was most common in people 65 years of age or older, occurring in approximately 27% of this age group.2 The statistics are even more sobering if you consider the percentages of adults in the US with prediabetes. Based on statistics from 2005 to 2008, the CDC found that 35% of US adults (age 20 years and older) had prediabetes, with the highest rate am Continue reading >>

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  1. Nalakrats

    Interesting while doing one of my daily, research jaunts, I ran into some articles about hand and finger pain, as well as trigger finger---believed to be from their taking the drug Metformin. So I went on Google, and plugged in both Trigger Finger and Prostate Cancer, as well as Hand/finger pain and Prostate Cancer. And found 2 forums on the subject.
    Some believe it is related to taking ADT, others can determine, these symptoms arose right after adding ADT, and adding Metformin.
    The kicker was, that women were on the forum, as they were taking Metformin, for Diabetes 2, and experiencing the same hand problems as the men who were on Metformin, for the cancer benefits, and reduction of blood sugar.
    Anyone out here having the same issues? If we have an unusual side effect, we should address.

  2. gusgold

    I read where prolonged or heavy gripping can cause trigger finger. As part of your workouts do you use free weights where you would repeatedly grip the bar tightly

  3. Nalakrats

    Both machines and free weights. But my study is not about me---many people--men and women on Metformin report not only hand and finger pain, arthritis symptoms, and as far from the hands as knees and shoulder pain.
    Of course when getting out of the gym---I have created quite a bit of pain---all over--and those days I take Zyflamend, with a 17 gram Adkins protein bar---Going in I am on straight aminos. Pain is related to not having T--I am sure.
    But as to Metformin, my scientific curiosity, had me check with the group here---who many are using Metformin.

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