How Many People Are Killed By Diabetes Each Year?

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Gun Death Rate Rose Again In 2016, C.d.c. Says

Image The rate of gun deaths in the United States rose in 2016 to about 12 per 100,000 people, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report released on Friday. That was up from a rate of about 11 for every 100,000 people in 2015, and it reflected the second consecutive year that the mortality rate in that category rose in the United States. The report, compiled by the C.D.C.’s National Center for Health Statistics, showed preliminary data that came after several years in which the rate was relatively flat. “The fact that we are seeing increases in the firearm-related deaths after a long period where it has been stable is concerning,” Bob Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch at the health statistics center, said in a telephone interview on Friday. “It is a pretty sharp increase for one year.” Mr. Anderson also said the rates for the first quarter of this year showed an upward trend, compared with the same three-month period of 2016. “It clearly shows an increase,” he said, while emphasizing the data was preliminary. “With firearm-related deaths it is seasonal — the rates generally are a little higher in the middle of the year than t Continue reading >>

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  1. dolby

    Ketones in Urine Not Dangerous for Type 2 Diabetics?

    I've been having ketones in my urine. Last few times, they were just traces. But it seems that most recently, there were some significant ketones. I'm T2 diabetic and I don't take insulin. My BG is very well controlled now: my fasting BG is usually below 95. I rarely go over 120 after meals.
    I suppose ketones are from my continuing ketosis. I've been losing weight rapidly for the last 2 months. My low carb diet is entirely responsible for my 30+ pound loss. I become full real quickly on protein and fat rich meals. I'm no longer constantly hungry since I'm not touching bread, pasta or rice. I have to say, I no longer have a very big appetite. Sometimes I just don't fee l like eating.
    In such a case, should one still be worried that ketones are found in urine? I realize that it is another story for those with T1 diabetes. But If your blood sugar levels are normal, should elevated ketones be a cause for concern?

  2. hannahtan

    I suspect the ketones comes from your low carb diet... if your bg is good... it shouldn't be a big problem... but do monitor the ketone levels... too much and its not good too

  3. MarkM

    Originally Posted by dolby
    ... I've been losing weight rapidly for the last 2 months. My low carb diet is entirely responsible for my 30+ pound loss. ... In such a case, should one still be worried that ketones are found in urine? ... The short answer is "no". Dietary ketosis is a normal and healthy state to be in. It is only an issue if there is inadequate insulin for the body to function properly, and that is accompanied by very high blood glucose.

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