How Many Different Types Of Diabetes Are There

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Pathophysiology - Type I Diabetes

- Now Diabetes Mellitus is a group of disorders that's caused by improper function of insulin which is a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar or blood glucose. And this results in Hyperglycemia. But since Diabetes is a group of disorders there's many different underlying pathophysiological mechanisms that can cause the disease. And depending on which mechanism is occurring in someone the presentation of the disease can actually be very different. So before we get started, I want to briefly talk about the Pancreas. Now you can see here we have the esophagus coming down and it dives behind the liver here. And then it goes into the stomach and then the stomach goes back behind the liver and comes out as the small intestine. And in yellow here, nestled in next to the small intestine and behind the stomach is the Pancreas. Now, the Pancreas is frequently referred to as being comma shaped and you can kind of get that. Oh, if you kind of turned it on its side it might look like a comma. But the way I like to remember how the Pancreas looks is by thinking about my favorite professional football team which is the Minnesota Vikings. And I kind of think the Pancreas maybe it looks l Continue reading >>

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  1. edvel54

    How many types of diabetes is there??????????

    I keep seeing diabetes type 1.5 What exactly is it and how does it differ from type 1 or type 2

  2. LRD

    Thanks for asking the question. LRD

  3. Sopies Grandma

    I am type 1.5 LADA …simply put it means …type one produce no insulin…type 2 produce little insulin…type 1.5 produces insulin but the body also produces antibodies that attack the insulin as intruder and it kills them. also type 1 comes on fast but type1.5 comes on slow. hope that helps

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