How Many Carbs Diabetes

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How Many Carbs Should A Diabetic Eat?

Figuring out how many carbs to eat when you have diabetes can seem confusing. Meal plans created by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) provide about 45% of calories from carbs. This includes 45–60 grams per meal and 10–25 grams per snack, totaling about 135–230 grams of carbs per day. However, a growing number of experts believe people with diabetes should be eating far fewer carbs than this. In fact, many recommend fewer carbs per day than what the ADA allows per meal. This article takes a look at the research supporting low-carb diets for diabetics and provides guidance for determining optimal carb intake. Glucose, or blood sugar, is the main source of fuel for your body's cells. In people with diabetes, the body's ability to process and use blood sugar is impaired. Although there are several types of diabetes, the two most common forms are type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin, a hormone that allows sugar from the bloodstream to enter the body's cells. Instead, insulin must be injected to ensure that sugar enters cells. Type 1 diabetes develops because of an autoimmune process in which the body attack Continue reading >>

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  1. 44Amanda

    How many Carbs a day for Type 2 Diabetic

    I am a little confused on the carb intake. I was told that a Type 2 diabetic is supposed to consume only 12 carbs a day. Is this true? If so, I am going to starve. Seriously

  2. Ashley419

    I was diagnosed with type 2 recently and met with a nutritionist. She recommended 45 grams of cards per meal and 25 grams of carbs per snack. I tend to do 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, and I usually feel pretty full. I suggest getting the calorie king app for your phone, it has helped me tremendously.

  3. suecsdy

    I tend to consume about 120-130 carbs per day. I just don't think I could get as radical as some here have done. At 62 when dxd, it was hard enough to change my ways, and like you I feel if I have to get really low, then I just might as well throw in the towel now. Lay down and die. I am not losing any weight, but mostly am not gaining either. (Sometimes a few lbs in water weight, which I stress over.) I just do the best I can. Some days are better than others.

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