How Does The Cold Affect Diabetes?

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'get Outside And Embrace The Cold:' Gestational Diabetes Linked To Warmer Temperatures

Canadian researchers have uncovered a direct link between risk of gestational diabetes and what may at first seem like an unlikely source: outdoor air temperatures. In Monday's issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers report the relationship they found after checking records of nearly 400,000 pregnant women in the Greater Toronto Area who gave birth between 2002 and 2014. "This is the first population study showing this relationship between air temperature and gestational diabetes risk," said lead author Dr. Gillian Booth, a scientist at St. Michael's Hospital and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences. Alicia Dubay's gestational diabetes illustrates the stakes for women at high risk of developing the condition. Left untreated, the temporary form of diabetes in pregnancy can result in stillbirth, increase the risk of having a difficult delivery and increase the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes for mom and baby. "I remember after I got my diagnosis, I called my husband crying really, really hard, because I was nervous and worried about it what it meant for me and for my baby," Dubay, 32, recalled. Women typically take a glucose drink test 24 to 28 wee Continue reading >>

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  1. a_neuls38

    Can the cold weather mess with blood sugar

    Hi everyone
    Just a weird question to ask- Can the cold weather mess with your blood sugar?
    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving
    Just thought i would ask
    Love and Peace

  2. Richard157

    Weather changes have always messed with my blood sugar levels. When the fall and spring seasons get under way and the temperatures are fluctuating wildly then my blood sugar fluctuates too. I have more highs and lows and it is very difficult to regulate my control until the temperatures settle down and stabilize. Once winter has arrived and the temps are stable then my blood sugar will be stable too. Then when spring arrives it starts all over again ntil summer sets in and the temps stabilize again. Some diabetics say they do not experience these problems but I have seen many posts which indicate that many diabetics have the same problem. Good luck with your levels!

  3. Becky Boo

    Good grief, I hope it isn't the same for me! The weather never stays the same for 2 weeks here! Fingers crossed.

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