How Does Diabetes Cause Periodontal Disease?

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Diabetes And Your Gums

After five years of writing about diabetes, I still think gum care is among the most important and least appreciated aspects of self-management. Studies keep showing how gum (periodontal) disease and diabetes make each other worse. So are you flossing yet? Severe gum disease (periodontitis) can cause diabetes. According to researchers at Marquette University, “Periodontitis may [raise levels of inflammatory cytokines and serum lipids]… These cytokines can produce an insulin resistance syndrome similar to that observed in diabetes and initiate destruction of pancreatic beta cells leading to development of diabetes.” Just as gum disease contributes to diabetes, having diabetes worsens gum conditions. According to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), “Periodontal disease is often considered the sixth complication of diabetes. Those people who don’t have their diabetes under control are especially at risk.” The link between diabetes and gum disease is that both cause inflammation, not just locally, but through the whole body. Inflammatory cytokines like interleukin 1 (IL-1) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inflame blood vessels, creating small scars. Soon the vessel Continue reading >>

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  1. aprilw

    > glucophage-for weight loss non PCOS or diabetic

    I'm looking for anyone who is taking glucophage(metformin) for weight loss and isn't a diabetic. I've been taking it for a couple days now and following a low carb diet. Any info, comments, suggestions on diet and any other stuff would be helpful.

  2. doreen T

    hi April,
    You might find members and some information about non-diabetic use of glucophage in our PCOS Forum (http://forum.lowcarber.org/forumdisplay.php?f=46) ... PCOS = polycystic ovary syndrome. The glucophage helps to improve insulin sensitivity and ideally lower insulin levels for women with this disorder.
    Truthfully though, I haven't heard of its use as a weight loss aid in the absence of some disorder involving insulin sensitivity.

  3. aprilw

    Hi all,
    Just found this forum, hoping to learn some info. I've just started taking glucophage for weight loss. I'm not diabetic nor to I have PCOS, have been tested for it though. I've been reading the posts and see a lot of people have had some success with glucophage for weight loss even though it was prescribed to help with PCOS symptoms. I'm taking 250 mg once a day to start with. Is anyone else in this situation or can you offer any tips to help with the weight loss. So far the side effects of gluc seem to be minimal (diarrhea). I'm trying to stick to a low carb diet. I've found some info on using glucophage just for weight loss and it suggests eating fruit and root vegetables only with meals, which I find a little frustrating since I'll usually snack on a piece of fruit between meals. Anyways any suggestions, advice would be welcome. Thanks

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