How Does Diabetes Cause Nephropathy

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How Does Diabetes Affect Our Kidneys?

The kidneys filter nearly 200 quarts of our blood every day. Diabetes is a disease of excess sugar in our blood. To remove this excess glucose from the body, the kidneys are under extreme stress and this can easily result in a kidney disorder, called diabetic nephropathy. In 2011, diabetes caused nearly 44% of kidney failure cases. This makes diabetic kidney disease the Number One complication of diabetes; one that is likely to affect almost every diabetic to some extent. In nearly half the cases of kidney disease, it could lead to kidney failure as well. Diabetes damages the kidneys and the urinary system in three main ways: Damage to blood vessels in the kidneys: Too much sugar damages the filters in the kidneys Damage to nerves: Fine nerves in the hands, feet, etc. are corroded by the extra sugar in the blood Damage to the urinary tract: Nerves run from our bladder to our brain and let us know when the bladder is full and we need to go. Damage to these nerves could mean we don’t react when our bladder is full. Result: extra pressure on the kidneys. Retained urine can also allow urinary tract infections to grow and migrate back to the kidneys. Read this excellent article for mo Continue reading >>

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  1. Jiowa

    Triathlon Forum

    Any Type 1 diabetics have any advice on humalog vs novolog?
    I'm Type 1 and still very much in my honeymoon phase. It's time I started taking bolus insulin with my meals. I'm currently taking 3 units of Lantus in the morning. My doctor says there's no difference between humalog or novolog. From what I can tell on diabetes forums it's different from person to person. I was wondering if there was a consensus within type 1 diabetic triathletes? Thank you for reading!
    Running is a gift.

  2. NickG

    As a non-diabetic I feel I should chime in. There really isn't much at all of a difference between the two. They are both rapid/immediate acting insulins and should perform the same way. I can't imagine you're using much for coverage anyway as your Lantus dose is 3units, then again YMMV. Your doc may have a preference as to which brand he/you uses but usually it's a comfort thing/contract deal on there end.
    I got nothing.

  3. JesseN

    Novolog. Been on it for ~ 7 years. It is the fastest (or at least was, probably still close to the top) acting of the rapid acting insulin analogs. The faster it is, the more 'normal' life can be for you (i.e. not having to wait between bolusing and eating... at least not more than a few minutes). I've been a pumper for the last five years too.
    Welcome to the club. Took me awhile to realize it but diabetes definitely doesn't slow you down. There's a community out here for you.

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