How Does An Insulin Pump Work

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What Is An Insulin Pump?

An insulin pump is a small, portable and water-resistant device that continuously delivers rapid acting insulin 24 hours a day. Precise insulin delivery helps you achieve your ideal A1C and reduces the risks of highs without increasing lows.1,2 The benefits of insulin pump technology. Insulin pump technology offers benefits over multiple daily injections such as better HbA1c, fewer hypoglycemic events, reduction in glycemic variability and improved quality of life.1,2,3 It can help you better manage the need for insulin dose adjustments, particularly for meals and overnight and can help to achieve better glucose control.1,2,3 Instead of frequent injections, you change an infusion set every few days. Easier dosing: in the MiniMed 630G, the built-in Bolus Wizard® Calculator feature helps to ensure accurate dosing by taking into account any insulin already in the body, the current glucose levels, carbohydrate intake and personal insulin settings to determine the right dose you need. Fewer injections: precise amounts of rapid acting insulin are delivered throughout the day by the infusion set which is easily removed and replaced every 2 to 3 days Greater flexibility: the MiniMed 630G Continue reading >>

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  1. gville

    How does the insulin pump work?

    Just curios how it works? Maintenance? Complications?

  2. Sparrow - 16557

    I have worn some version of an insulin pump for about 20 years.
    The pump is programmed to give you a steady "stream" of insulin continuously (basal rate). When you eat something, you program in an additional amount of insulin to cover the carbohydrates you consume (bolus).
    Most pumps are about the size of a pager. You fill a reservoir in the pump with insulin, this reservoir connects via a slender tube to a flexible "needle" (called a canula) that is inserted directly under the skin (subcutaneous). This needle is the only one you ever use on youself and remains connected to you for anywhere from 1 to 4 days (depending on your skins "tolerance").
    The isea is that it "mimicks" a pancreas. The programming in the pump can be adjusted for activity levels, illness, etc.
    They are extremely expensive ($3,000.00-5,000.00). Most are very rugged, built to withstand pretty rigorous activity.
    The only thing I'd like more than mine is a cure.
    For more info:
    Hope this helps.

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