How Does An Endocrinologist Help People With Diabetes?

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Diabetes, Nutrition & Endocrinology

UNM Health System can help you in monitoring your diabetes and learning about your condition through the nationally certified Center for Diabetes and Nutrition Education. What is diabetes? Diabetes occurs when there is too much sugar in your blood, which can damage your body, and when there is a problem with your insulin hormone. Insulin helps the body take the sugar from food we eat and use it as energy. Type 1 diabetes means that your body does not produce insulin. Patients with this condition must take insulin in order to stay alive. Type 2 diabetes means your body still makes insulin, but it might not make enough of it or it might not work the way it should. People with type 2 diabetes may need to take insulin or other medication to keep their blood sugar from getting too high. What is endocrinology? Trust UNM Health System’s endocrinology experts help you with a variety of gland and hormone conditions. Endocrinology is the study of hormones and glands and their functions in different organs throughout the body. Even though every organ system in the body secretes and uses hormones, our field focuses on those whose primary function is to secrete hormones. This includes the adr Continue reading >>

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  1. Jeanette Terry

    What Kind of Doctor do You See for Your Diabetes?

    Recently we posted a community poll on the homepage asking the community what kind of doctor they see for diabetes. The majority of the community has responded that they see their primary care physician for the treatment of their diabetes.
    It would be interesting to know why?
    Is it that your doctor just didn't refer you to an endocrinologist? Or is there not one in your area? This would be great informatoin for all of us in the community to learn how we all came to the conclusion on the kind of doctor we currently see.
    Please Share your experience.

  2. lorider70

    Started with primary car physician and 25 years later I am still with the same Dr. No desire to change, and no suggestion from my Dr. to see anyone else. Often wonder why anyone would change or add another physician if they're not having additional problems.

  3. Beepath - 70510

    I have a cousin, an ARNP, who suggested I have no business seeing an ARNP. That I should see an internist. So, off II went to find an internist. The internist was pretty dangerous. Took her three weeks to renew my lisinopril…that I'd been on for years. This quack is still working at my clinic. I warn staff and anyone who'll listen. Now, I have a pediatrition and she's just great. When I come in with my cockamamy desires to try some OTC junk I got from spam, she steers me clear. Before I was seeing her my A1C was 8.0 in December, when I was still seeing that quack. Since seeing the pediatrition, my A1C is now 5.6 and she cut me back on the glipiziide. I kid her that if she's "real good" she'll quit and go somewhere better. But if she's bad, she'll stay. So when she walks in, I say, "you're still here? UH OH!" But she knows I'm teasing and laughs with me, she's just fine.

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