How Does An Endocrinologist Help People With Diabetes?

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5 Reasons To See An Endocrinologist If You Have Diabetes

Last fall I didn’t want to go to my endocrinologist because I was worried about the possible results of my latest A1C test. Seemingly 5 pounds heavier than my last visit, I had no interest in being weighed. Although I fully know how important it is to take your blood sugar regularly when you have diabetes, I hadn’t been doing so, and when I did test it, I didn’t like what I saw. There were mornings when I woke to a spike in my glucose or late afternoons when, after skipping lunch, it dropped too low. If only I had exercised more. Or eaten fewer carbs. Or not stressed out about every little thing. I was ashamed that I hadn’t worked harder. How had I fallen so off track? What would my doctor think of me? The Benefits of Seeing an Endocrinologist for Diabetes Of course, endocrinologists who specialize in diabetes care aren’t there to judge patients. Their job is to go over your blood tests, particularly your hemoglobin A1C readings, which tell you the two- to three-month average of your blood sugar level. They’re there to check your feet, to make sure your circulation is healthy; to take your blood pressure; to respond to any problems you may have encountered since the las Continue reading >>

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  1. RebDee

    I see my Endocrinologist every four months. I take a number of lab tests one week before seeing her. I bring my meter with me for off-loading. That way she has all the info and can make an intelligent calculated reason for me staying the same or changing something.

  2. GeekonBoard

    I was referred to an endocrinologist back in 2009. I wasn't a diagnosed diabetic at the time but my lab numbers were all over the map & I was having several female problems so I was actually referred to a reproductive endocrinologist. After going there several times - it seemed like compared with my PCP & their labs — this endo broke my labs down to a point I didn't know it could be taken to. I wasn't as educated on hormones as I am now — and I'm no where near as educated on hormones as I hope to be. Turns out that I have a malfunctioning pituitary gland & was in the process of being treated for that when I was laid off by the USPS & lost my insurance. My health has been neglected & hanging by a very unhealthy thread because I couldn't get health insurance thanks to pre-existing conditions. Last year I was finally able to obtain health insurance again & have been getting back on track. Of course, I was then hit by being diagnosed a T2, but I'm so grateful for health insurance & being able to get back on medicines that I wasn't able to afford w/o health insurance. So, after all that rambling - I'm scheduled to have my first appointment with my new endocrinologist later this month. I'm waiting on my records to be sent to me from the other endo. I have done my research on this endo & am very hopeful. I was relieved to find out that my insurance didn't require a referral, but my PCP gave me one anyway. I hope you find the answers about endocrinologist that are needed to help you with your journey with diabetes. Thank you all for sharing!

  3. barbara dean

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