How Do I Know If I Have Type 1 Diabetes Or Type 2 Diabetes

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How Serious Is Type 2 Diabetes? Is It More Serious Than Type 1 Diabetes?

A fellow caregiver asked... How serious is type 2 diabetes, and is it less or more serious than type 1 diabetes? My mom, just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, keeps it under control without taking insulin. So is type 2 diabetes less of a problem than insulin-dependent type 1? Expert Answers No, definitely not. In fact, in some ways type 2 diabetes is a more serious disorder because your mom may have had it for years before she was diagnosed. So she may well have developed some of the long-term, debilitating complications linked to the condition without knowing it. In addition, since type 2 diabetes is a progressive disorder without a cure, over time her body may not be able to produce insulin or use it as well as it does now, and she may wind up needing insulin injections or pills. A person with type1 diabetes ignores it for a day at his own peril. He'll likely end up in the emergency room because his body can't absorb glucose without a continuous supply of insulin via injection or an insulin pump. People with type 1 diabetes typically develop such severe symptoms over a short time in childhood or early adulthood that they're forced to deal with it. Type 2 diabetes is a sneakier con Continue reading >>

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  1. jtifzak

    I take Metformin 3x/day. If my BS reads too high or low, should I adjust my Metformin?

    I am confused, my father in law is an insulin dependent diabetic and has to adjust according to his BS. I am not sure if taking it regularly is the thing to do.

  2. KA kaismama

    Insulin is the only med that you adjust according to blood sugar and then only certain types. If your blood sugar is high consistantly on metformin, you need to tell your dr. If its low, eat some protein. If it consistently low, tell your dr,so he can decrease the dose.

  3. JT jtifzak

    Do you happen to know why it wouldn't be adjusted? My BS is all over the place - like riding a roller coaster!

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