How Diabetes Medications Work

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Oral Diabetes Medications

Oral diabetes medicines (taken by mouth) help control blood sugar (glucose) levels in people whose bodies still produce some insulin, such as some people with type 2 diabetes. These medicines are prescribed along with regular exercise and changes in the diet. Many oral diabetes medications may be used in combination with each other or with insulin to achieve the best blood glucose control. This guide provides general information about the different oral medicines for diabetes. It will help you learn more about your medication. Always take your medicine exactly as your doctor prescribes it. Discuss your specific questions and concerns with your health care provider. Sulfonylureas Glipizide (Glucotrol®, Glucotrol XL®,), Glimepride (Amaryl®), Glyburide (DiaBeta®, Glynase PresTab®, Micronase®) These medications lower blood glucose by causing the pancreas to release more insulin. Biguanides Metformin (Glucophage®, Glucophage XR®, Glumetza®, Fortamet®, Riomet®) These medications reduce how much glucose the liver produces. It also improves how insulin works in the body, and slows down the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar. Thiazolidinediones Pioglitozone (Actos®), rosigli Continue reading >>

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  1. kandaswamy

    is it correct medicine & useful for diabetes please advice me I am confused to go for an Ayurvedic or Allopathy medicines

  2. Scpathak

    Please please please please please ,go immediately to an allopathy doctor and take proper prescription with strict follow of instructions given by him .you may take Ayurvedic medicines as supportive medicine to control your diabetes including some home remedies too.anyway try to manage your BS with proper medication and exercises .

  3. sandeep1956

    I have sugar for last > 5 years. I have not used allopathy single day. I am using ayurvedic preparation from my doctor and my sugar is well controlled

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