How Can You Control Your Diabetes?

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Diabetes: Control Your Blood Sugar

Controlling your blood sugar is important in managing your diabetes. You can take steps that can help you make changes to reach your blood sugar control numbers. Getting control starts when you begin to watch your weight and take your medicines as prescribed, but there are other things you can do that will help too. These may include: Staying active and exercising Making a personalized meal plan with your nutritionist or doctor Checking your blood sugar at regular intervals and writing down the results Knowing what to do when your blood sugar is too high or too low If you have diabetes, you can take steps to help control your blood sugar. Start by making small changes to help you reach your goal numbers. 1. Watch your weight Lose weight slowly if you are overweight or obese. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider about a weight goal that’s right for you 2. Take your medicines 3. Be active Stay active as recommended by your physician. For example, incorporating 30-minutes of physical activity into your daily routine about five times a week. 4. Make a meal plan that works Work with your doctor or a dietitian to come up with a meal plan that helps keep your blood sugar under Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. bitesize

    4 days into metformin and my kidneys have started ...aching!

    its not like i am in pain or anything but i am aware of both my kidneys in my back. been on metformin 4 days now.. 2x 500mh per day. opinions please.

  2. jkirbyd

    I have been on met for a year now. 1500 mg ER. I get aches everynow and then. If you are really hurting I would call the doc. My pain comes from sitting in a car all day.

  3. snusnuMV

    This is a little gross, and I apologize ahead of time. As almost everyone knows, Metformin can cause GI distress, especially at first. If Metformin is constipating you or upsetting your stomach, you might be feeling the pain in your lower back, thinking it's related to your kidneys. I only mention this possibility because this has happened to me on Metformin. Of course, you know your body better than I do, and maybe you have a lot of experience with kidney pain and know what you're feeling. If you are concerned, then you should talk to your doctor. I know that people with kidney problems are often pulled off Metformin at some point. My grandfather who's in his mid-80s now had to stop taking the drug when his blood tests revealed that his kidneys were in decline.

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