How Can Gestational Diabetes Affect Me And My Baby?

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The Truth About Gestational Diabetes {and Why It’s Not Your Fault!}

So you’ve had the Glucose Tolerance Test, or maybe you’ve been monitoring you’re blood sugar levels at home, and your blood sugar readings were high. You have been given a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes. If your experience was anything like mine, an Obstetrician or midwife gave you a pamphlet on ‘Diabetes and Pregnancy’, referred you to a dietician and endocrinologist for management, and then sent on your way. And now you’re at home, and all the questions you didn’t think to ask are flooding in… What the heck is it? And what does it mean? Will my baby be alright? Do I need a caesarean? Will I need to be on insulin? What can I eat? Do I have to stop eating CHOCOLATE?!?!?! There is some debate against the use of routine testing to diagnose Gestational Diabetes, and also questioning about giving the diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes as a label on pregnant women. Dr. Sarah Buckley recommends avoiding routine testing for Gestational Diabetes for most women. Henci Goer and Dr Michael Odent are among many pregnancy and childbirth professionals who argue against diagnosing women with gestational diabetes, citing unnecessary stress and interventions as one of the risks of Continue reading >>

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  1. eetkin

    Blurred Vision

    Hello All - Apologies if this topic has been discussed prior. I was dx a week ago today, and in that time, through diet and medication my blood sugar levels are very much in control (went from an initial 327 down to 105-120 now. Since my blood sugar has dropped I am having a hard time with bllurred vision. I am even having a hard time seeing things close up (computer, reading, etc) which was never a problem before.
    I asked my doctor about this yesterday and he said that the reduction in blood pressure would cause a change in my vision, but that over time (up to 6 weeks) it would go back to normal. Does this sound right to anyone else? What timeframe did it take to go back to normal? Its very frustrating - especially as someone who works on a computer all day long.

  2. snusnuMV

    I've read that a sudden drop in blood sugar can cause blurry vision, but that, in time, vision should return. In short - it's normal.
    Congratulations on improving your levels so dramatically and quickly. That's awesome!

  3. jwags

    I think your doctor is right. I had blurry vision before dx, because of higher blood sugars. The lower bgs will eventually make your vision better. I think the reason is that some of the excess sugar in your blood (glycation) gets stuck on the vessels around the eyes. The better you contol your bgs the better your vision will become.

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