How Are Diabetes Treated

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Treatments For Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes has a number of drug treatment options to be taken by mouth known as oral antihyperglycemic drugs or oral hypoglycemic drugs. Oral diabetes drugs are usually reserved for use only after lifestyle measures have been unsuccessful in lowering glucose levels to the target of an HbA1c below 7.0%, achieved through an average glucose reading of around 8.3-8.9 mmol/L (around 150-160 mg/dL).1-3 The lifestyle measures that are critical to type 2 diabetes management are diet and exercise, and these remain an important part of treatment when pills are added.2,3 People with type 1 diabetes cannot use oral pills for treatment, and must instead take insulin. How do oral drugs lower glucose levels? Oral antihyperglycemic drugs have three modes of action to reduce blood glucose levels:3 Secretagogues enhance insulin secretion by the pancreas Sensitizers increase the sensitivity of the peripheral tissues to insulin Inhibitors impair gastrointestinal absorption of glucose. Each class of antihyperglycemic drug has a different adverse event or safety profile, and side effects are the main consideration when it comes to choosing a medication. Possible side effects range from weight gain, Continue reading >>

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    can people with type 2 diabetes drink v8 juice

    can people with type 2 diabetes drink v8 juice

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