How Are Diabetes And Periodontal Disease Related

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How Are Diabetes And Gum Disease Related?

Oral health can be complicated if you do not know the facts. One example includes the relationships between diabetes and gum disease. Are You Diabetic? If you have diabetes, you have a greater risk of developing gum disease. You have a greater risk if you do not keep your condition under control. There are steps you can take to reduce your risk. Follow your physician’s instructions for your medical condition. Floss and brush your teeth and gums twice each day. Home oral care can prevent plaque from building up on and between your teeth. Do You Have Gum Disease? When you have gum disease, it can raise your blood sugar. While periodontal disease can increase your risk of developing diabetes, it can also increase your risk of oral complications. Early signs of gum disease should be brought to your dentist’s attention. Early treatment can result in better oral health, and better overall health, too. You will have a lower risk of developing diabetes, and fewer risks of complications if you already have this condition. Prevention Is The Best Treatment It is not always possible to prevent diabetes, but good oral health is an easy form of protection. In contrast, diabetics can avoid co Continue reading >>

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  1. Endran Ratnasothy

    Periodontal disease can be a consequence of genetic factors and other medical conditions, that are not within our control.
    However good oral hygiene, regular dental check ups and avoiding bad habits like smoking/chewing betel nut will help a great deal in keeping periodontal disease at bay.
    Also a balanced diet, with all the macro and micro nutrients are helpful.
    To get down to details,
    Proper brushing technique, proper brush, and brushing twice a day.
    Flossing, at least once a day.
    Routine dental check ups, scaling twice a year or at least once a year

    Avoiding bad habits, like smoking.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Andrew Terry

    Floss, floss, floss.
    Really, flossing is the one thing I never took seriously, until my gums were receding and I had deep pockets between my gums and teeth. I had to have two root scrapings to clean up the deep pockets, and I now floss religiously.
    The reason I used to avoid flossing is because I hated sticking my fingers in my mouth. I now use the plastic floss picks instead. This may not be “as good” as string floss but it does the job.

    My understanding is the most important aspect of flossing is that it prevents the bacteria in the plaque on your teeth from establishing a blood supply with your gums which allows the bacteria to grow. When you run the floss between your teeth and gums it breaks any formation of blood supply, this is why your gums bleed if you don’t floss regularly, the bleeding is from breaking the blood supply to the bacteria. This bacteria left unchecked is what causes periodontal disease.

  3. Don Davis

    Here are the two remedies / preventatives that I know of:

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