Headaches Related To Diabetes

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The Emedicinehealth Doctors Ask About Tension Headache:

A A A Tension Headache (cont.) Many people associate the onset of tension-type headache with stress or upsetting emotional situations. However, these factors have not been shown to lead to muscle contraction or reduced blood flow. Although people may have tenderness of the muscles surrounding the head, tension-type headache is not the result of sustained muscle contraction. The most compelling and current evidence points to a central nervous system dysfunction as the underlying cause of tension-type headaches. Thus, the muscle ache of tension-type headache is thought to be a result of increased sensitivity of the nervous system and pain from occasional or long-term imbalances in brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, enkephalins). Studies show that some people with primary headache disorders respond to medications that specifically target and influence serotonin. These are mostly people who have migraine or cluster headaches. Most of those who do not have migraine or cluster headaches do not respond to serotonin-targeted drugs. People with chronic tension-type headache may also have imbalances in neurochemicals. In fact, depression may be a Continue reading >>

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  1. DMS721

    **Pregnancy Mention**
    I'm 10w1d pregnant and have PCOS. I've been on metformin twice a day for several months now. Today my RE told me I could stop taking the metformin. She said to start just taking 1 pill for a week, and then none at all. I'm worried as I've heard that stopping it during the first trimester can lead to miscarriage (I previously had a m/c at 6 weeks, but that was before being diagnosed with PCOS). As much as I hate taking the metformin, I'm tempted to just continue taking it until I get to the 12 week mark, just for my own piece of mind. Will it cause any harm if I continue for 2 more weeks?
    Has anyone else stopped metformin while pregnant and what were the results?

  2. brown_eyed_girl

    Hi Dawn,
    I have PCOS and have been on Metformin for a number of years. Right around the 6 week mark of this pregnancy, I ran out of my prescription. I called my family doctor to request a refill and he didn't feel comfortable filling it since I was pregnant. He referred me to my RE who said I didn't need to refill it since he didn't like his patients to stay on it past 6 weeks anyway. He didn't say that I needed to wean off of it or anything like that ~ but I did anyway. I'd say I was completely off of the Metformin by 8 weeks. I was a nervous wreck, especially since I ended up needing abdominal surgery to remove my right tube, ovary and cyst at 10 weeks. I'm now in my 26th week and have had no issues at all. That being said, I don't think there's anything wrong with waiting until 12 weeks. Apparently different doctors have differing views on how long PCOS'ers need to stay on Metformin and if it really helps prevent a miscarriage. I don't believe it casues any harm to the baby so it if it gives you some peace of mind, I wouldn't hesitate to stay on it for a few more weeks. I know some women have been on it their entire pregnancies.
    Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!

  3. mmi

    I m/c twice before on met... so I do believe met does prevent miscarriages. I took it the third pregnancy till I was 13 weeks(1000mg a day) and then with my fourth, I had had mild gestational diabetes in my third(first successful) pregnancy, so I took it till DELIVERY. No problems with either baby. If you have enough, stay on it for the first trimester, then wean. Just my opinion but for me who m/c twice before taking it...... met was the key to me finally having a successful pregnancy. congrats.

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