Halamang Gamot Para Sa Diabetes

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Medisinang Herbal Na Aprobado Ng Department Of Health: Erbal Gamot, Medicine Traditional Approved

Ang tradisyonal at alternatibong medisina / Ang tradisyonal ug alternatibo nga tambal Ang tradisyonal na medisina ay ginagamit mula pa noong unang mga panahon sa bawat kultura sa buong mundo at parte na ng bawat pag-unlad ng tao sa kanyang pamumuhay. Ang kapanganakan ng tradisyonal na medisina sa Pilipinas ay nakakamanghang pag-aralan na naiimpluwensyahan ng relihiyon, mahika, pamahiin, at marami pang iba. Herbal medicines are found to be effective in managing various medical conditions. Its efficacy has been proven by several clinical trials and research studies. Some patients prefer to go the natural way instead of taking commercially prepared medicines because of less side-effects associated with it. Aside from this, some of these herbal remedies are readily available at home or if not, it can be bought in the market at a very affordable price. Moreover, some of the herbs that are known to have medicinal properties can be grown at home, which are thought to have the best quality and potency. Mayroong naunang mga tradisyonal na medisina o gayuma na ginagamit ng mga hilot, albularyo, mediko at faith healers. Dahil sa malalim na pinagmulan ng tradisyonal na medisina ay tinagurian n Continue reading >>

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  1. ann type 2

    Tingling in my lips and other body parts

    I am a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic on insulin. My numbers are still high after a month,which my doctor did explain that this is a marathon not a sprint.
    I have been watching everything thing I eat but I am still waiting to see a dietician. I have been getting alot of tingling all over different parts of my body but mostly in my lips. Has anyone else ever had this as well when their blood sugar was high. My numbers started in the 500 range but are now in the 300's and sometimes go higher and sometimes have been as low as 231

  2. Anonymous


  3. NanaGiggles

    If you are using a glucometer, I suggest checking sugar level when you get the tingling. I have found that when my glucose level is getting low, I get the tingling.

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