Fruits For Diabetics To Avoid

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Foods To Avoid For People With Diabetes

Taking control of what foods they eat not only helps people manage their diabetes but also influences how well they feel and how much energy they have every day. We take a look at what foods people with diabetes should avoid and outline what they should eat instead. Foods to avoid with diabetes Having diabetes does not have to stop people from eating the foods they enjoy. However, it does mean that they should eat smaller portions, less often. The Institute of Medicine recommend that carbohydrate intake for most people should be between 45-65 percent of total calories. This higher carbohydrate intake is consistent with plant-based diets, which have shown benefit for diabetes management in well-designed, long-term studies. However, some research has shown that people can improve their blood sugar levels when their carbohydrate intake is between 5-35 percent of calories. Much of the research comes from short-term studies for higher-fat diets, such as the ketogenic diet and Mediterranean diets. Experts are just beginning to understand the influence that the gut bacteria have on health. What is known is that high-fiber carbohydrates feed gut bacteria while a high-fat, low-carb diet oft Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Scotdog01

    Can I drink alcohol with Diabetes Insipidus?

    I have DI and I have heard rumors that you can't drink alcohol with DI and honestly I want to be able to drink. Can anyone fill me in with some info on this?

  2. YO yodge93

    Hello Scotdog01. I think 'moderation' is the word here! I am on Insulin and Diabetic tablets - so the most I drink is 3 glasses of Red Wine at any one time. Happy New Year To You. Regards, William.

  3. SC Scotdog01

    I appreciate your response but my disease, diabetes insipidus, is completely unrelated to any kind of sugar diabetes. Mine deals with the anti-diuretic hormone in my pituitary gland and does not affect my blood sugar or insulin at all. Again, thanks for your response.
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