Fruits Diabetics Should Avoid

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Fruits That A Diabetic Should Eat

Many diabetics avoid fruits altogether because they wrongly believe that they will spike their blood sugar levels. While, some fruits do have an impact on your blood sugar, there are many others that might actually help manage your condition by adding essential vitamins, minerals and fibre which actually slows the digestion and absorption of sugar. Fruits also contain polyphenols that help blood sugar control. The best way to know which fruits you should eat and which ones you should avoid is by monitoring you blood sugar levels after eating them. Also, keep your portion sizes small. Apples Apples are the great for diabetics. Studies have shown that apples lower LDL cholesterol by 40 percent, and accord to a Harvard University study offers protection against type 2 diabetes as well. Packed with soluble and insoluble fibre, apples keep you feeling full. An apple is also low GI at 37/138g and rich in vitamin A, calcium and iron. Berries Berries like blueberries, raspberries and cranberries are the perfect fruit to pop when you are craving something sweet. Blueberries contain heart-healthy flavonoids, lots of fibre, and anthocyanins that lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Cranberries, Continue reading >>

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  1. MA Marvell

    It's unfortunate no one, who has taken these medicines, has responded. I must say it doesn't look like many people would have that sort of reaction with both metformin and glipizide.

  2. caringsonbj

    I am so sorry I could not be of any more help I had the accute aggravating effects of Metiformin do you take the glipizaide by inection? other medications like Glucophage should be taken with food this Glipazide is one that doses not have to be(if I read this correctly) just imagining sometimes when one drug does not bring the blood sugar down then the doctors opt for another drug to use in combinaation with the metiformin I apologize that I have not been able to give you more exact answers, any concerns you have you cannot only talk with the doctor run it by the office staff and also you might ask the pharmacist I just want you to get the most accurate answers and for you to be safe and the best you can possibly be, please take care

  3. BE Berylsverve

    It happened to me, too.

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