Fast Acting Carbs For Diabetes

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Sugar, Diabetes, And The Challenge Of Treating Low Blood Sugars!

back to Overview Crime scene: kitchen. Time of incident: middle of the night. Theme: HYPO! We've all been there, and Ilka gets us to confess our secrets about treating low blood sugars. Low blood sugars, they’re all too familiar There you are, sitting on the cold kitchen floor, lit only by the dim bulb from the open refrigerator. Scattered about are candy wrappers, empty yogurt containers, crumbs from something you don’t recognize, and a weird combination of stuff that sounds disgusting now that your blood sugar is coming back up. Lows suck If you’re lucky enough to feel them, they stop you in your tracks and demand instant attention. The price we pay for delay is steep. The symptoms can be sweating, feeling nervous, shakiness, feeling dizzy or unsteady, or feeling the hunger of a thousand starving people. Lows can lead to unconsciousness or seizures, which is sometimes the first symptom for those with hypo-unawareness. Low blood sugars are a little different for each of us, and each low can feel different. But treating a low blood sugar always calls for the same thing: carbs ventolin tablets online. Ilka recently asked the mySugr Monsterpack how we treat our lows. While we a Continue reading >>

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  1. TelePunk54

    As a type 1 diabetic, I find it mildy difficult to carry around juice 100% of the time and was wondering if there was anything I could purchase from the store to keep in my pocket. Maybe tubes of icing? Something I could whip out in the middle of working would be great.

  2. Merzbow666

    Fruit snacks! I use the aldi ones, 16g per pack

  3. Perpetuationfor

    Skittles or Starburst are my go to. The chewiness gives me something to focus on, too.

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