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As little as 15 years ago, drinking fluids during sports practice or exercise was considered a sign of weakness. In fact, water was often withheld from athletes as punishment or as an attempt to make them tough. Today we know better, and staying well hydrated is the name of the game. Athletes or anyone who plays sports or exercises is well advised to consume liquids before, during and after exercise to aid in rehydration and prevent heatrelated illnesses. We now have many choices of sport drinks to choose from, along with good old water. Sports drinks are formulated with four purposes in mind: improving hydration, enhancing performance, optimizing recovery and adding weight or lean mass. Each drink uses slightly different ingredients, depending on the purpose. Drinks for aiding in fluid replacement typically contain carbohydrates and electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. These promote rapid fluid and carbohydrate absorption and are more effective than water alone. Athletes who do strength training or low-intensity exercise for less than an hour can usually get by with just plain water as long as they drink enough. For longer and more intense activities, a sports drink can be Continue reading >>

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  1. NewdestinyX

    Replacement option to Gatorade (for electrolytes)?

    The Northeast corridor of the US has been experiencing a very hot and rainless summer. Before my dx a year ago 7/15 -- I used to drink Gatorade like water. So I rarely experienced dehydration. This summer I've been careful to drink a lot of water -- but naturally I haven't wanted to suck on Gatorade bottles because of all the sugar. They don't make sugar-free Gatorade. But I have been having a lot of the classic symptoms of dehydration these last few weeks as it's gotten so beastly hot and dry. No matter how much water I drink.. - the letharic and slight stomach ache and slight headache and malaise that's classic dehydration feeling.. Pastey mouth..
    It occurred to me that you don't only need the H2O aspect of liquid but you also need to replenish electrolytes which Gatorade has. I think that's 'potassium'? Or is electrolytes its own chemical make up?
    Anyway.. I remember when I presented in the ER where they found my T2 -- they were puzzled that I had very low potassium levels which is not usual for T2's necessarily.
    But my question is -- what do we T2's drink or take when we're dehydrated and in need of electolytes? Are their Splenda or Nutrasweet drinks out there we can have?
    I personally get heart palps from Nutrasweet -- so I only use Splenda or Saccharin or Stevia.
    But any Gatorade-type drinks y'all know of - that are SugarFree?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. TracyFL

    Yep, Powerade Zero. Tastes pretty good and it's cheaper than Gatorade, too

  3. NewdestinyX

    Originally Posted by TracyFL
    Yep, Powerade Zero. Tastes pretty good and it's cheaper than Gatorade, too Probably with Nutrasweet though.. Right? And is there any caffeine in the Powerades?

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