Electrolyte Drink For Diabetics

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Does Metformin Affect Wound Healing – 266954

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  1. deanusa

    Originally Posted by CalgaryDiabetic
    This is surprising:
    1797 - Rollo applies the first significant dietary approach to the treatment of diabetes. He successfully treats a patient using a high fat and protein diet after observing that sugar in the urine increases after eating starchy food.
    1798 - Rollo documents excess sugar in the blood, as well as the urine.
    PS: Dean this is amazing that he could tell the difference in sugar with different diets. We can't tell for sure if my wife is diabetic because of the plus or minus 20%. that is pretty amazing.i was curious as to how he determined it. i do wish we knew what was considered a success..
    its not till 1911 any thing is said about a direct way to measure the sugar in the urine.and not till 1964 is a way to measure the blood at home.
    i dont know if it could have been exact but im guessing whatever way it was it had to be close enough?
    ok i was wrong. he was a bit more scientific than tasting pee or drinking blood.
    "In 1796, Dr. John Rollo, using a urine glucose test devised by Dobson, came up with the first effective treatment for diabetes: a diet high in what he called "animal food" (fat and meat) and low in "vegetable matter" (grains and breads). This diet prolonged life for many diabetics (those with what we now call Type 2 or non-insulin-dependent diabetes), and with modifications, was the only treatment for diabetes until the 1920s."
    lol some of the things used to treat people are just amazing.
    "Ancient physicians knew some of the symptoms of diabetes, but they had no effective way to treat it. Aretaeus recommended dates, raw quinces, and gruel. As late as 1690, doctors prescribed "gelly of viper's flesh," broken red coral, sweet almonds, and "fresh flowers of blind nettles."

  2. dlabbee

    So, in hundreds of years treatment for type 2 has not changed. Hmm.

  3. deanusa

    Originally Posted by dlabbee
    So, in hundreds of years treatment for type 2 has not changed. Hmm.
    pretty much sums it up.
    pretty well documented i believe but i didnt look that well to be honest, i guess because i dont buy the whole processed food addicted baloney. plus im fighting with my salads again.
    and like everything i see the core basis for it but it is not a universal solid truth.
    this would lend a lot of truth to the idea that it is the body that is responsible to what happens to us.not mcdonalds or pepsi.

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