Dry Mouth Low Blood Sugar

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Hyperglycemia - High Blood Glucose

The technical term for high blood glucose is Hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia occurs when the body does not have enough insulin, the body cannot use the insulin properly, you have eaten more than planned, you have eaten too many sweets, you have exercised less than planned, you are ill, or there are high levels of stress. Anyone who has diabetes will have hyperglycemia from time to time. It is a serious problem and will need to be dealt with quickly, but there is no reason to be frantic. Usually an injection of fast acting insulin will bring the blood sugar levels into the normal range within one to two hours. Unless high blood sugar is not treated, the symptoms will go away without any serious side effects. The problem with hyperglycemia is that it causes problems in the long term. Many of the complications of diabetes are caused by repeated episodes of hyperglycemia. Of course high blood sugar and high levels of sugar in the urine indicate hyperglycemia, But these conditions can only be seen with a blood or urine test. The physical indications are frequent urination, "dry mouth", and tiredness. If not treated, the symptoms will increase and the effects might be: dry, itchy skin, incr Continue reading >>

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  1. Beverlydolls

    Do all Diabetes have Dry mouth??

    Dry Mouth… I hate having dry mouth all the time… What do yall do for your dry mouth?? Thanks for reading and reply's love to hear what everyone is doing to take care of this problem…

  2. berrykins0

    water chewing gum or sugarfree candies.limited coffee and pop they can cause dry mouth too. i noticed the difference myself.

  3. Caroltoo

    No. My dentist and I were just laughing about this at my last visit. No one would ever think I had dry mouth!

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