Dog Diabetes Symptoms

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Symptoms And Signs Of Diabetes In Dogs

How Diabetes Affects Dogs There are two types of canine diabetes – diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus. Of these, diabetes mellitus – particularly Type 1 or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus - is by far the most common. In healthy animals, insulin is produced and released by specialized cells in the pancreas. Insulin is needed for glucose from ingested food to pass into cells and tissues, where it can be processed and used for energy. Dogs with Type 1 diabetes mellitus do not have enough insulin in their blood streams, because their specialized pancreatic cells are either absent or not functioning normally. This prevents them from properly metabolizing dietary sugar, which in turn causes abnormally high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) and levels of glucose in their urine (glycosuria). Dogs with excess urinary glucose tend to excrete very large amounts of urine, leading to dehydration and unusual thirst. The metabolic abnormalities associated with diabetes mellitus initially increase a dog’s appetite because its cells are unable to take in and use dietary sugars. This is called “going into starvation mode.” The dog’s body starts breaking down stored fat for ene Continue reading >>

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  1. DrJohn

    Basal Rate Calculation

    I never agreed with the estimated basal rate calculations. The Panceum calculator for iPhone seems to be more accurate. The equations are as follows:
    Total Daily Dose (TDD) = Body Weight (pounds) / 4
    Total Basal = TDD x 0.4 (40% sometimes 50%)
    Hourly Basal = Total Basal / 24
    My calculated basal is 0.66/hr
    The Pancreum Calculator says 0.43/hr
    My actual is 0.4/hr
    What is your?

  2. DrJohn

    It is not my suggestion. It is a standard calculation, which I'm disagreeing with.

  3. notmaiden

    Your calculations suggest I should be at 1.25 a hour. I am 3 weeks into pump using and I need 2 a hour for most of a 24 hour period. 3 am to 6am I am at 2.25. Your suggestion isn't right for everyone

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