Dog Diabetes Symptoms

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Signs And Symptoms Of Canine Diabetes

Diabetes in dogs is becoming more of an issue than most people think. Because of the increasing incidence of this, there are a few things that you need to monitor your dog for to know whether or not he might have canine diabetes. These symptoms aren’t specific only to diabetes, but may also signal some other health issues that may need your attention. As always, when in doubt, visit your veterinarian to get a thorough exam. Canine diabetes is a condition in the endocrine system triggered by a deficiency of insulin, or it could also be caused by the body’s inability to respond to this hormone. Studies show that 1 out of every 400 dogs will develop diabetes. This condition could develop as a result of genetics, others have it as an aftermath of other diseases which damaged the pancreas, or it could be a congenital condition. It has also been shown that obesity can be a contributing factor. Although canine diabetes can affect any breed of dog, any age or sex, female dogs are more susceptible and this is especially true when they reach 6 to 9 years old. Some breeds are also more prone to diabetes, particularly Beagles, Samoyeds, and Terriers. There is currently no real cure for dia Continue reading >>

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