Does Mustard Lower Blood Sugar

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People’s Pharmacy: Cinnamon, Mustard May Lower Blood Sugar

Q. I have been using cinnamon to help control my blood sugar for the past four years. Using 1/4 teaspoon in boiling water to make a cinnamon tea lowers my blood-sugar readings from about 185 to 135 in one hour. Yellow mustard works even more effectively. I take about 1/2 teaspoon per meal, depending on the amount of carbohydrates in the food. Both cinnamon and yellow mustard can be overdone and make blood sugar go too low, so you have to be cautious. A. There is research supporting the idea that cinnamon can lower blood sugar. Until your e-mail, we had not heard that yellow mustard could do the same thing. A little digging revealed several animal studies showing that curcumin, the active ingredient in the yellow spice turmeric, lowers blood glucose. Since turmeric gives mustard its yellow color, perhaps this explains the benefit you have discovered. Diabetics must monitor blood sugar closely and check with a physician before trying such dietary strategies. Q. After I read about Listerine for scalp problems, I tried it myself. I had been using a prescription steroid lotion for 10 years, but applying Listerine and letting it dry did the trick. This worked so well I bathed my dog with Continue reading >>

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  1. Spearmint

    Does chewing sugar free chewing gum have the ability to cause drops in blood glucose levels?
    It might just be co-incidence but took the kids out again for the day yesterday, same thing happened as last time with my daughter, unexpected hypos.
    I was doing more tests and monitoring more closely after the last day out, i realise it could just be the effects of excitement but on both days she was chewing sugar free gum while travelling.
    Yesterday morning she went from 10.4 to 3.7 in the space of an hour and i wondered if that was due to her chewing gum which might have made the food digest more quickly???
    Same problem on the way home while she was chewing gum, constantly going hypo until i took the gum away from her and she was then fine!
    It could all just be co-incidence but thought it might be worth mentioning on here to see if anyone else has noticed the same.

  2. noblehead

    Interesting question but I've not heard of chewing gum causing hypo's, I chew sugar-free gum most days and have never noticed it effecting my bg, perhaps others may say different. Could the hypo just be due to increased exercise/activities?

  3. bedshaped2000

    sugar free gum check out the carbs 8)

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