Does Gestational Diabetes Mean Big Baby

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Does A Big Baby Mean You Have Gestational Diabetes? An Expert Weighs In

Ashley Batz/Romper In the new age of the internet, it's easy for you to drive yourself crazy searching for symptoms and diseases, especially when you're pregnant. There are a million questions and complications out there for you to Google, and gestational diabetes is one of them. Having a bigger than normal baby is often associated with it, but does a big baby mean you have gestational diabetes? It's important to first understand the relationship between baby size and diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), gestational diabetes occurs in women who have high blood glucose levels during pregnancy. The ADA explained that when you have gestational diabetes, your pancreas produces more and more insulin, but the insulin doesn't get used, so it keeps your blood glucose levels high. The extra glucose in your blood can then go through your placenta to your baby, giving them high blood glucose levels, too, along with increased insulin, noted the ADA. This causes the baby to store the extra energy as fat, which can lead to Macrosomia or a "fat" baby. Romper spoke to Dr. Eva Martin, founder of Elm Tree Medical Inc., who says that while there is a correlation between the Continue reading >>

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  1. kittykittykat

    im having my 2nd child, and they reckon i have gestational diabetes. i never had it with my 1st. im just scared at how big my baby could be, as iam quite big for 26wks

  2. PrayinForBaby

    I measured 2-4 weeks ahead my entire pregnancy until 35 weeks, then I measured bang on for 2 weeks, when I delivered at 38 weeks my LO was 7 lbs 2.5 oz, which was wayyy off what they were telling me the whole time was that she would be 10-12 lbs

  3. sarafused

    I had GD with both babies, first was diet controlled and second one I needed evening insulin only. First baby weighed 8lb 5oz 52cm and second was 7lb 15oz and 51cm. They love scaring pregnant women with GD that the babies will be huge, but both of mine were very lean, long and strong.

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