Does Gestational Diabetes Mean Big Baby

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What You Need To Know About Gestational Diabetes

What is gestational diabetes? Gestational diabetes means diabetes that develops for the first time during pregnancy. According to the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada gestational diabetes affects between 3.7 and 18 per cent of Canadian pregnancies. Diabetes happens when your body can't produce enough of a hormone called insulin. Insulin is made by your pancreas, and it does two jobs: regulating the amount of sugar available in your blood for energy enabling any sugar that isn't needed to be stored During pregnancy your body has to produce extra insulin to meet your baby's needs, especially from mid-pregnancy onwards. If your body can't manage this, you will have too much sugar in your blood. It's then that you may develop gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes usually goes away after your baby is born. It's unlike other types of diabetes, which are lifelong conditions. How will I know if I have gestational diabetes? You will be offered a routine glucose tolerance test between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. Or you may be offered one earlier or at the end of pregnancy, if sugar is found in your urine during a prenatal appointment. If you are considered low ris Continue reading >>

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  1. rawrrrchelle

    So I had my 24wk appointment yesterday and the dr did another ultrasound to compare her to the 20wk one and told me she weighs 1lb 10oz and is in the 77th percentile. Could this mean I have gestational diabetes?!

  2. redfallon

    I wouldn't think so. Your baby's size is normal for 24 weeks.

  3. USCnurse42

    Not necessarily. You would have to have the glucose test to determine that. My mother in law didn't have GDM and my husband was a 10 lb 4 oz baby. Ultrasounds are an estimate as well. They can be off by several ounces.

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