Does Diabetes Skip A Generation

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Ask the Endocrinologist/Diabetologist Lamont G. Weide, MD, PhD Please read the Disclaimer Question: How does diabetes effect the Black male? How does it effect the body, the family, the person? What types of diabetes can a person have? Answer: Minorities-native americans, black, hispanics-all have a greatly increased incidence of diabetes, mostly type 2. There are 2 major kinds of diabetes. type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas fails to make insulin. This places the person at risk for diabetic ketoacidosis. Without insulin persons with type 1 diabetes will die. These individuals usually require 30-40 units of insulin/day, although the amount varies. Although often thought of as young diabetes, type 1 can occur at any age. type 2 diabetes is related to insulin resistance. Most of these persons are overweight. The insulin that they make is not enough to deal with their blood sugars. Persons with type 2 diabetes may take pills or insulin. This also can occur at any age. In fact, this type of diabetes is occurring at an alarming rate in Native Americans. Complications can occur in both types of diabetes and is related to the degree of control. Question: Our daughter was ten years old wh Continue reading >>

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  1. ston3xc

    Skipping generations

    How many of you have heard that diabetes always skips a generation if it runs in your family? How many have found out that that's not always true? I've been diabetic for over 30 yr. My 32 yr old son was diagnosed when he was 12. My dad had juvenile, my paternal grandparents had adult onset. My sister researched our family tree and found it had not skipped for 8 generations. Has science debunked that theory or not?

  2. Mame C

    gotta say in my case there was (is) no one w/any type of diabetes but I've been a type one since 1972. Truly believe I had some sort of virus that knocked my pancreas out. My friend in a very rural part of ohio has a son who was diagnosed in 06 w/type 1- had no one on either side and within 6 mos. 3 other kids in his class were diagnosed type 1

  3. MichelleBalcom

    I had never heard that it skipped a generation, but I had always grown up hearing how it went from Mother to Son, Father to Daughter. No one on my dads side was a diabetic and on my mom side I had one great Aunt that had it early, the rest of them got it after they turned 60, so I was shocked when I became a diabetic. To top it off they all are not as bad and can take pills while I have to take insulin shots. I was told by the doctors that mine is not from heridatary though, but from pacreatitis.

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