Does Diabetes Affect The Liver

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How Does Diabetes Affect People?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which there is increased blood glucose level. Now although there is excess of glucose in blood, the cells are not able to utilize that glucose. The cells are actually starving. Here comes the role of insulin. Insulin facilitates the intake of glucose by the cells. Almost all the cells in our body have these receptors. In diabetes mellitus there is insulin deficiency due to which cells are not able to utilize glucose. This insulin deficiency can be absolute or relative. I will not go into the details of the various causes of insulin deficiency. Let's just focus on what happens when cells cannot utilize glucose and there is excess of glucose in the blood. Excess of glucose in blood results in excess of glucose in urine. Glucose is a sugar and it produces osmotic effect due to which water and electrolytes of the urine are also increased. Hence there is polyuria along with polydypsia. If this persists the patient might go into shock. As the cells cannot utilize glucose the liver starts producing ketone bodies as a source of energy. Excessive formation of ketone bodies may lead to ketoacidosis. Long term diabetes may lead to microangiopathies like dia Continue reading >>

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  1. Irene

    Does Metformin make you sleepy?

    I sometimes need to take a nap after supper, which is also after my 3rd Metformin (850 ea.) of the day. My first thought is-- well my blood sugar is too high, but upon checking it, it's not (at least not always). I have no adverse effects with Metformin and I like it because of some of its beneficial effects, such as appetite suppresant, cardiac protection, and others. But I do find a coincidence in taking it and getting sleepy. I wonder if anyone here taking Metformin has had a similar experience.

  2. moon

    Since I do have some fatigue issues, I can't lay any of it on metformin. However, it is known to deplete B-12 - perhaps taking a supplement would help.

  3. foxl

    No, but high blood sugars sure do!

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