Different Blood Sugar Readings On Different Fingers

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How To Check Your Blood Sugar

GENERAL INFORMATION: Why do I need to check my blood sugar level? High blood sugar levels increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, eye problems, and kidney problems. You can decrease your risk of these problems by controlling your blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels can also lead to serious health problems and must be treated right away. Check your blood sugar to help you learn how food, exercise, stress, and medicines affect your levels. Keep a record of your blood sugar levels. It can be used to adjust your meal plan, exercise routine, insulin doses, or diabetes medicine if needed. How do I check my blood sugar level? Check your blood sugar level with a glucose meter. This device uses a small drop of blood to measure your blood sugar level. Some glucose meters take the sample from your finger with a special lancet device. Other meters use blood from your thigh, forearm, or the palm of your hand. Blood sugar levels change quickly after meals, after you take insulin, during exercise, and when you feel stressed or ill. It is best to use blood from your finger to check your blood sugar level during these times. Your healthcare provider will teach you how to use a glucose m Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. j

    Different finger, different reading?

    I've been taking my blood sugar for over a week now. At times I get highs after eating really well I'll retest a different finger. Two days now my index and middle finger have differed by as much as 17 points. I always wash my hands before testing and am at a loss for why they're so different. Should I get a new meter? Does this happen to anyone else?

  2. devonaidensmom

    I have had this happen too. I assumed I just wasn't thorough in washing my hands, but I'd love to hear what someone else thinks

  3. missbrieteach

    Sorry to sound ignorant here, but what does thoroughly washing your hands have to do with your numbers? I never heard that and I am wondering if that is my issue.

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