Diabetics And Carbs

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7 Good Carbs For Diabetes Nutritionists Want You To Eat

Healthy carb: Oatmeal iStock/Magone Eating oats (the kind without added sugar) can slightly lower both fasting blood sugar levels and HbA1c, a three-month measure of blood-sugar levels, shows a review study by Beijing scientists. Have ½ cup cooked. Make a savory oatmeal: Top with a soft-cooked egg and mushrooms and onions sautéed in low-sodium vegetable broth. Healthy carb: Sweet potato iStock/margouillaphotos These orange spuds are digested more slowly than the white variety, thanks to their high fiber content. Season with a dash of cinnamon, shown to help control blood sugar. Have ½ cup cooked. Make a snack: Top a baked sweet potato with cinnamon and almond butter. Healthy carb: Brown rice iStock/WEKWEK Whole grains like brown rice contain all three parts of the fiber-rich grain kernel, while white rice and other refined grains have only the endosperm intact. The fiber helps to slow the speed at which carbohydrates hit your bloodstream. Have ⅓ cup cooked. Make rice pudding: Mix rice with equal parts light coconut milk, and combine with dried cranberries and cinnamon; cover and soak overnight. Healthy carb: Lentils iStock/rimglow The new 2015-2020 Guidelines for Americans rec Continue reading >>

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  1. Cricket

    How Did You Find Out You Have Diabetes?

    How did you find out that you have diabetes?
    Were you surprised by the diagnosis or were you expecting it?

  2. Cricket

    Unfortunately, I found out while I was in the hospital after my daughter called an ambulance when I displayed what appeared to be stoke-like symptoms. (I remember very little of that day.) It turned out my BS was well over 400, even though I had not eaten that day.
    Hindsight is indeed 20/20. Looking back, there were a lot of signs, but my brain just didn't connect that I was likely diabetic. I had crazy small cuts that just wouldn't heal, my vision was blurry, and I was insanely thirsty all of the time.
    The diagnosis was a total shock - so much so that I told them they must be looking at the wrong file because I definitely was NOT diabetic.
    I followed a healthy diet (I thought) and was in the best shape of my life, walking between 5 and 10 miles every day.
    I couldn't possibly be diabetic....

  3. alamogirl

    I changed insurance companies and was looking for a primary care (PCP). My eye doctor recommended his PCP, so I made an appointment for a "meet and greet."
    Based on my family medical history, my PCP recommended that I do blood work along with having a colonoscopy procedure.
    My results came back, and I was shocked to find out that I was diabetic. I did not have the classic symptoms. I had just had an eye appointment, and they say a doctor can tell a lot from your eyes. My eyes are healthy (thank goodness). There was no sign of anything starting. The only thing he found was dry eye, which is a symptom of menopause and also diabetes.
    In hindsight, I had subtle symptoms. The dry eye was one, and I started to develop dry mouth and dry lips. I was wearing a lot of lip balm. When I researched these two symptoms, I found that they were symptoms of menopause and of diabetes. I figured it was menopause, since both symptoms started about 2 years after my last cycle.

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