Diabetic Sweating

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Night Sweats And Diabetes – Nocturnal Hypoglycemia

Do you find yourself waking at night drenched in sweat and feeling hot and clammy – even when the room is cold? You’re not alone. Night sweats are a common symptom of nocturnal hypoglycemia – the night-time low blood sugar episodes experienced by some diabetics. What causes night sweats in diabetics? The main cause of night sweats in diabetics is low blood sugar at night (hypogylcemia). When blood sugar levels drop, this can cause a number of sleep-disturbing symptoms, including headaches and excessive sweating. While night sweats can occur across the whole body, in people experiencing nocturnal hypoglycemia, the neck often becomes noticeably sweaty, making this a key sign to look out for. So what causes diabetes and night sweats? Essentially, this is anything that could cause glucose levels to drop overnight. Some of the most common causes include: Insulin use: Hypoglycemia is more common in diabetics who use insulin to manage their condition. Exercise: Being more active means you’ll have used more glucose during the day. In particular, exercising in the hours before bed increases the chances of low blood sugar at night. Alcohol: Drinking alcohol in the hours before bed ca Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. cfsmile

    Gustatory sweating

    Does anyone have any advice for treatments of gustatory sweating. Every time I eat I begin to sweat on my forehead and the back of my neck. This is my first time posting something… Let me know.
    Thanks, Christine

  2. Daisygirl0822

    I have the same issue…is there a treatment? Plus I need help controlling my blood sugar…NO matter how hard I try it is everywhere. Then I just quit trying. Can anyone help? Anyone have an extra pancreas that's in great condition? ☹

  3. cfsmile

    Wow … Thanks for the responses every one This really does work!!! I wasn't sure. Its so great to really connect with other diabetics!! Regarding
    the GS… My doc said to use a strong deodorant and rub it on my forehead and neck. Weird huh? I was just wondering if these was comman among other diabetics?
    I'm so exited about this app. Thank you all for sharing!!! And I love that a lot of you share some hope and faith ;)

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