Diabetic Sleeping All The Time

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Can Diabetes Affect Your Sleep Schedule?

Diabetes is a condition in which the body is unable to produce insulin properly. This causes excess levels of glucose in the blood. The most common types are type 1 and type 2 diabetes. If you have type 1, your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin, so you must take it on a daily basis. If you have type 2, your body can make some of its own insulin, but it’s often not enough. This means that your body can’t use the insulin correctly. Depending on how well you control your blood sugar, you may or may not experience symptoms. Short-term symptoms of high blood sugar can include frequent thirst or hunger, as well as frequent urination. It isn’t uncommon for these symptoms to have an impact on the way you sleep. Here’s what the research has to say. In one 2012 study, researchers examined the associations between sleep disturbance and diabetes. Sleep disturbance includes difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or sleeping too much. The study found a clear relationship between sleep disturbance and diabetes. The researchers say that sleep deprivation is a significant risk factor for diabetes, which can sometimes be controlled. Having diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean that your Continue reading >>

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  1. Sisterhood

    Hello All - I am usually on the colitis forum or Parkinson's forum on this very informative website, but today I am writing in regards to my husband who has diabetes. He was diagnosed with diabetes 10 yrs. ago, and has been in denial ever since. He takes metformin/januvia 2 x a day. He is not on insulin at this point. He was on acto plus met until recently when some disturbing information came out about problems with kidney cancer. So now he's on this new drug. He does not watch what he eats at all, and depends of the medication to keep his sugar levels stable. He does not take his blood sugar count - ever - and he is now sleeping much of the day, and can still sleep at night. After breakfast, he will sit down and watch t.v. and fall asleep again for about 2-3 hrs. He will take an afternoon nap, and then fall asleep again around 8 pm while watching t.v. He is 68 yrs. old and has been retired for a few years, but during nice weather, he does odd jobs for people in the neighborhood, which keeps him from taking his afternoon naps. He is about 50 lbs. overweight, and of course will not listen to me at all when it comes to what he eats. He now has a sinus infection, which he gets frequently, and it has hit him hard. He hasn't moved from his recliner for days now. He says he's too weak to take a shower. He is functioning at a very low level. He says his AC1 levels are 6.4 when he goes for his blood work, and that the doctor feels this is o.k. So he just eats what ever he wants, and the blood work comes out all right. He is not honest with the doctor that he is sleeping his life away. It is disturbing to see this day after day. Denial is a terrible thing and I'm afraid for him. He was sleeping a lot even before being diagnosed with the sinus infection. It's getting worse by the year. (We've been together for 22 yrs.)
    What can be said about him sleeping all the time. I feel it is a blood sugar thing, but he says he's fine. I might add that he had by pass surgery 18 yrs. ago, and sees a cardiologist too. He doesn't exercise at all except for the few odd jobs he does for others.

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  2. Lanie G

    (I added a subject to your post.)
    Sisterhood, welcome to the Diabetes forum. I am really sad for you and concerned for both you and your husband. It's very difficult to convince another person who is in denial to take better care of himself. I can only imagine how frustrated and afraid you must be.
    Can you possibly speak to his doctors about your husband's problems? It would seem to me that his cardiologist would want him on some sort of activity plan. This would help his blood sugar and heart (and overall health) immensely. Maybe they have suggestions or would refer him to another professional because it seems he may have depression along with blood sugar problems.
    The A1c is only a three month average and there's no telling what the blood sugar is on a daily basis - highs then lows. Would he be interested in joining HealingWell?
    Could you try to get him interested in going out for a walk with you every morning or afternoon? Sign up at a gym? There are a lot of low-cost gym memberships available now. Finally, maybe you need to sit him down and kindly bring up his will. Maybe he's not concerned for his own well-being but he should be concerned for yours. Make sure your estate is in order. Maybe that will shake him?
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    diabetes type 2 controlled so far by diet and exercise
    very low carb way of eating

  3. Sisterhood

    Thank you for replying to my post LanieG. I finally called the endocronologist this afternoon. The doctor is not in, but they said the nurse will call me. I am going to 'rat' him out as every time he eats, he falls asleep for hours. He has been on the Janumet since December, but I'm using this new drug as the excuse as to why I have to call the doctor. He was falling asleep a lot too when he was on the Acto plus Met. Now it's more magnified. And yes, I too was thinking he's got some sort of depression going on, but he will never admit that! It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon now, and so far, he's been awake long enough to eat lunch, and now he's sleeping again. That's after his morning nap after breakfast. I know it's not good. He doesn't have a death wish, but he just won't admit that he has diabetes. This is the worst he's ever been. I wish for once, his blood work would show something to alert his doctors, but it's not bad enough to warrant his doctors to change his meds or get on his case. They just send him on his way when they see his blood work. His cholesterol is within range, HDL good numbers, LDL good numbers, (not great, but not that bad), and A1C is 6.4. But to see him sleeping hour after hour every day is not right. It's too the point now, that even if he eats veggies and meat - with no starch, he still falls asleep. That's why I feel his blood sugar must be really screwed up, and he needs to see the doctor. I'll keep you posted. TY

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