Diabetic Sleeping All The Time

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Why Am I Tired All The Time?

Getting a perfect night’s sleep every night is impossible. But if you’re sleeping pretty well and still wake up finding yourself out of sorts and tired most days of the week, there may be underlying problems. There is a difference between typical sleepiness and the bone-weariness that is fatigue. “Everyone can feel simply exhausted on occasion from too much work and too little downtime, but true fatigue is pretty much constant,” explains sleep expert Dr. Ilene Rosen, president-elect of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM.) “With fatigue, people don’t have energy and sleep doesn’t make them feel better.” On the other hand, sleepiness is usually resolved after a good snooze. The good news is that “. . . doctors have gotten very savvy about sleep health can get to the bottom of conditions that may be causing sleep problems,” she says. Even better: treating an underlying condition can generally result in feeling more refreshed after sleep. Shutterstock There are many potential medical issues that could be causing fatigue and can include diseases like cancer or undiagnosed heart disease. The bottom line: see your doctor if you have concerns. Here are just a Continue reading >>

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  1. sumlerc

    Luisita69 I came on here to inquire about the same issue. For me It's like a dual edge sword, due to dementia when Mom is awake she is highly agitated and confussed. When she is sleeping I can still see some agitation but at least she's not trying to get up and walk then fall and repeat. I guess this for my Mom and her caregivers, this is the middle of the road, awake and confussed or sleep and somewhat at rest.

  2. PaleBlueDot

    I don't know about what the stroke might cause, but how is his blood sugar? High blood sugar can cause a person with diabetes to sleep all day; it might mean he is close to a coma if its high. Also, what about the meds he is on? Many can be more sedating that you might think.

  3. Hadnuff

    After having a stroke you are very tired at first. Everything takes more energy
    to do than it used to. But you should make sure the blood sugar is not excessively
    high or low. Very high sugar can make you tired, very low can send you into coma.

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