Diabetic Lancing Device

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Question: Diabetic Lancing Device

QUESTION: I was prescribed a blood sugar monitor by my doctor but I hate the lancet tool. Do you sell different versions separately and do I need a prescription for that to be covered by insurance? ANSWER: Yes we do sell different style lancing devices. We have a FORA lancing device we prefer. To get a new lancing device through your prescription coverage plan you will need a new prescription. We do have lancing devices we can sell for cash that range from $5.99 to $33.89. Continue reading >>

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  1. rowan9

    Anyone have a favorite lancing device they would like to recommend? Right now I am using the Microlet 2 with 33G lancets but I would love to hear suggestions for one that isn't as painful. Has anyone tried the Genteel? The price is a little out of my price range but if it was really that great I may consider it.

  2. dw8888

    I use fastclix and my devise does not advance to the next . So i can continue using it longer Than Alan S. does. I also have a broken mulitclix. the top is broken and they stopped making it but i have plenty of cartriges left! Like Alan, I change the pricker every blue moon.

  3. diabetes2112

    I use an Accu-Chek FastClix. It doesn't hurt when I poke my fingers, and I like the barrel design -- it holds 6 lancets in an enclosed capsule, so I don't have to worry about disposal. I change to the next lancet when I open a new vial of strips, or before that if it starts to hurt. They come in a box of 17 barrels. I purchased two boxes, so I have enough to last for a long, long time.
    How do you use one lancet more than once? I have tried, but it does not let me. It seems like it has an automatic lock up just so you can't use one lancet more than once. What am I doing wrong?
    type 1 37 years
    Are you using a FastClix? It automatically re-cocks after every use. Just push the top button again to trigger a new poke. Use the white lever on the side to switch to the next lancet in the barrel. The count shows how many are unused. When it gets down to 1, it's on the last lancet in the barrel.
    Yeah, I have fastclix and want to use it. So if I keep from pushing the white lever I can continue to use the same lancet, okay. It's been a little while since I used it because it frustrated me when I first started trying to use it, I don't remember now but it seemed like it locked up on me even before I pushed the white button. It must have been something I did. I will play with it some more and see what happens. Thank you JBinPDX, I appreciate the help.

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