Diabetic Finger Pain

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Diabetes Health Flashback From The First Ever Diabetes Blogger: It All Started With Tingling Fingers

About a month ago I was driving to Santa Cruz and noticed a tingling in my fingers. It got worse when I put my hands up on the steering wheel and better when I rested them on the bottom. During this two-hour drive, it was a struggle to keep my fingers from falling asleep. Soon after, I began to wake up often during the night, having to reposition my hands so they would stop tingling. My first fear was of neuropathy. I asked myself, “Is this how it starts?” Before I confronted that possibility, I wanted to rule out other things. I went to my chiropractor who thought one of my cervical neck vertebra was out of alignment. He adjusted my back and neck, but it provided no relief. Diagnosis From a Friend I finally told a friend about how, when I push down on my wrist, sparkles and fireworks seem to run up to my fingers. He said, “That sounds just like carpal tunnel syndrome.” His words hit me hard. “Don’t I have enough to deal with with diabetes?” I thought. “This can’t be happening to me.” He told me what carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) means. CTS occurs when the median nerve is compressed where it passes through a narrow tunnel of bone and ligament in the wrist. The te Continue reading >>

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  1. sweetmissmagnolia

    does anyone use/wear diabetic shoes/socks?

    Do they really make a difference??? Today I could only get 1mile in on my elliptical cause my feet were hurting/burning (think neuropathy's coming on)....I've heard that diabetics are supposed to wear diabetic socks/shoes but never checked into them....maybe someone who has tried them can give me advice...do they really make any difference??? I usually wear either slip on comfy sandal flops or good old tennis shoes....lately I've noticed that some of my socks are tighter than usual but just tossed that up to having dried them in the dryer one too many times LOL my feet aren't swollen or anything since I've been exercising they look "normal"--meaning not puffy and my ankles are more defined than they used to be--I need new socks anyway....i recently saw that the store I go to started carrying diabetic socks....haven't seen shoes yet....

  2. Jwp

    My wife bought me a pair of the socks, they're just more airy and have more cushion. So for me, they weren't really hugely different, but more comfortable for sure.

  3. TennisPlayerHelena

    No I dont have any specialist diabetic shoes but I do have to do something.
    I change between low and high shoes. The low ones pull on my tendons if I wear them too long and the high ones make the balls of my feet burn. So I keep changing maybe once or twice a day.
    Works for me lol

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