Diabetic Feeling Cold

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Stay Well In Flu Season

Protect Yourself from Influenza (The Flu) Information for People with Diabetes (either type 1 OR type 2) and Their Caregivers If you have diabetes, you are three times more likely to be hospitalized from the flu and its complications than other people. The flu may also interfere with your blood glucose levels. But there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Get a flu shot! It’s the single best way to protect yourself against the flu. Take prescription flu medicine when your health care provider prescribes it. Follow special sick day rules for people with diabetes. Take everyday steps to protect your health. People with diabetes should talk with their health care provider now to discuss preventing and treating the flu. People infected with the flu can pass it on to others a day or two before any symptoms appear. That’s why it is important to make sure the people around you get a flu shot as well. A flu shot is the single best way to protect yourself against the flu. The vaccine is safe and effective. It has been given safely to hundreds of millions of people. You should get the flu shot vaccine and not the nasal spray type of vaccine. Everyone ages 6 months and older shoul Continue reading >>

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  1. MsChrischap

    Diabetic neuropathy, take Lyrica 3 x a day. My feet now are freezing & pain is severe.Any advice?

    For a few years this medication had helped some with the pain and discomfort in my feet, but in the last few days I have had another new symptom in my feet with the feeling that half my foot and toes were freezing (touched them and they weren't cold) this has caused me severe pain when trying to go to bed especially. I don't notice the new symptoms and pain as much with my tennis shoe on, so I wore a tennis shoe to bed last night, and I was able to get some sleep. Lyrica hasn't helped with this new pain I am having. Anyone have any meds that help better than Lyrica. Anyone having the same issues, anyone that can help. Thanks

  2. AN

    druges, & Neuortin is just one of them that my husband who is diabetic & has neuopathy also takes. Talk to your doctor & tell them about these new symtoms. Something doesn't sound right. Just a thought...

  3. DZ DzooBaby

    Yup, Mary is right. You might try Neurontin or gabapentin. It may work better for you. It sounds like your neuropathy is getting worse or different nerves are now becoming involved. You need to talk to your Dr about it.

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