Diabetic Dizziness

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When 'normal Teen' Stuff Is A Warning Sign Of Illness: What Parents Should Know

Editor's Note: This story was first published on August 15, 2016. Stacey Crescitelli is parenting her third teenager after successfully steering daughters Anna, 19, and Sophia, 18, to adulthood. So when her third child, Henry, now 14, began growing at at a fast pace, sleeping more and thinning out, she and her husband Joe thought he was just being a typical teen. As it turns out, his body was actually fighting something more sinister than teenage hormones: Type 1 diabetes. Now, Crescitelli wants other parents of teenagers to know about the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. But how can parents tell the difference between what is normal and what is not when it comes to teens? Stacey Crescitelli Never miss a parenting story with TODAY’s newsletters! Sign up here Crescitelli, 46, noticed that since December, Henry had grown a lot, "maybe four or five inches," she told TODAY Parents, "and his body was changing. He has always been kind of a solid boy with a large frame — never one of those reed thin, gangly boys — but suddenly, he was becoming one," she said, "and of course, we thought he was simply 'leaning out,'" she said. Though Henry continued to lose weight and began to sleep more, Continue reading >>

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  1. helenjol

    I have been diagnosed as being prediabetic. I have watched my diet pretty carefully, but now its seems I'm dizzy most of the day starting about three weeks ago and gradually getting worse. I can actually feel a head change when the dizziness starts. Eating makes no difference. Any ideas?

  2. Lanie G

    Hi and welcome. Feeling dizzy is awful. First of all, do you have a blood sugar meter? That would tell you if you're too high or too low while you're feeling dizzy. How did the doctor determine you were prediabetic? I'm presuming by some blood tests, but what were the results? Maybe it's not the blood sugar at all. Are you taking any other meds? How is your blood pressure? Have you told your doctor?
    diabetes moderator
    diabetes type 2 controlled so far by diet and exercise
    very low carb way of eating

  3. helenjol

    Lanie, thanks for replying. I was diagnosed about 2 months ago. Only told to limit my carb intake and to exercise, that other measures where not needed yet. Never used any tests. This is all very new to me. Have a drs appt. Oct.17th. I am 58 years old, but this dizziness is very annoying. Am on celexa and lisinepro for depression and blood pressure, but never had any problems with them and have been taking them for awhile. Please reply. Thanks

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