Diabetic Dizziness

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When 'normal Teen' Stuff Is A Warning Sign Of Illness: What Parents Should Know

Editor's Note: This story was first published on August 15, 2016. Stacey Crescitelli is parenting her third teenager after successfully steering daughters Anna, 19, and Sophia, 18, to adulthood. So when her third child, Henry, now 14, began growing at at a fast pace, sleeping more and thinning out, she and her husband Joe thought he was just being a typical teen. As it turns out, his body was actually fighting something more sinister than teenage hormones: Type 1 diabetes. Now, Crescitelli wants other parents of teenagers to know about the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. But how can parents tell the difference between what is normal and what is not when it comes to teens? Stacey Crescitelli Never miss a parenting story with TODAY’s newsletters! Sign up here Crescitelli, 46, noticed that since December, Henry had grown a lot, "maybe four or five inches," she told TODAY Parents, "and his body was changing. He has always been kind of a solid boy with a large frame — never one of those reed thin, gangly boys — but suddenly, he was becoming one," she said, "and of course, we thought he was simply 'leaning out,'" she said. Though Henry continued to lose weight and began to sleep more, Continue reading >>

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  1. ALine4411

    Im not sure about GD, but I do know that when you have regular diabetes and your blood sugar drops you can get dizzy. My grandpa, who I lived with growing up, has level 2 diabetes and he'd get very shaky/dizzy/and cranky if his sugar levels dropped! Just relax, drink a glass of OJ or even a spoonful of peanut butter and breathe deeply. When you are feeling better call your doctor, they might be able to get your test moved up or just decide to send you to the dietician anyways!!! Good luck and feel better :)

  2. dmn

    Generally speaking, dizzyness is a common symptom of pregnancy, even in the latter stages. However, in reference to GD, yes, it can be a symptom. If you spread your meals out too far or your blood sugar suddenly drops, it could cause you to get dizzy. In fact, I was just telling my doctor yesterday that I had been experiencing some dizziness (I have GD) and the doctor advized me that the better I can control my GD with diet, stay hydrated, and space out my meals evenly, the less dizziness I would experience. She told me to take it easy when I'm fealing dizzy. I would talk to your doctor, they may have specific advice or instructions for you. Best of luck!

  3. ErinThomas11

    That can be from low or high sugar, or also your blood pressure being low. Be sure to check both :)

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