Diabetic Cramps

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Patient Comments: Muscle Cramps - Effective Treatments

What kinds of treatments have been effective for your muscle cramps? After a hard workout, I sometimes get leg cramps during the night. They hurt. Taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar provides immediate relief. I have found wrapping legs tightly directly under knees with some type of stretch material (3/4 inches wide coverage) has stopped leg cramps; nothing else has. I have tried all the others, none worked. They sell a brace made to do this, and I kind of copied from that. My back surgery in June has me going back to the doctor in 3 months. I had no idea they would remove a bone and place an implant with screws. Now I carry a card. Muscle cramps happen when we don't drink enough, and we get dehydrated. I drink 5 to 6 bottles of water daily. After surgery I had spasms. My doctor has me on spasm and nerve pills. I take them three times a day. I continue to take the pills 3 times a day but my left knee and thigh hurt down to the outer side of my calf and my ankle. When I sit with my leg elevated and not move around, I feel better. I am waiting for my physical therapist to perform magic. I get really bad leg cramps during the night. I eat yellow mustard and the muscle crampi Continue reading >>

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  1. andiw

    Is cinnamon helpful and if so, which brand is best and safest?

    I'm still looking for ways to bring down blood sugar and starting putting cinnamon in my tea with meals... wow! Seems to work very well!! Anyway, I read more about it and found out that cassia, which is typical of the type of cinnamon we have in the U.S., isn't that good for you. Apparently, it has higher levels of coumarin, which is damaging to the liver. Do any of you have advice on the best cinnamon to get and which doses are good? I read that ceylon is good. Anyone have a company they use when ordering? I just noticed that when I take some at night, my fasting blood sugar goes down to the 80's by morning. After meals, my numbers go down by at least 20-25 points from what is typical for a given meal... big difference for me. I found that taking the supplements doesn't seem to have any effect... but the table cinnamon sure does... granted, I take about 1/2 tsp each time, which I think might be too much... but at least if I find a better version and a healthier dose, that could a good thing? What do you guys think? Thanks so much for the support! I don't know what I'd do without this group of great people!

  2. furball64801

    Most of us type 2s have tried these things for years. It never did anything for me, I ordered both the pills and added it to my meals and my bs was always high. For some just simple things work, if you young or just been dx these things might help.

  3. blaisjp

    I can tell you that if I make and eat my cin and flax cockies that for some reason in the am my fasting bg is lower. why I have no idea. I am unwilling to eat a tbs of cin to see if it helps.

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